Try These Great Apps for Your Next Trip to London [Infographic]

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Tourism and marketing boards are likely to use the phrase ‘something for everyone’ when promoting their location. When it comes to London, there is certainly a lot of truth in that boast. The UK’s capital city has so much to offer that, whatever your interests may be, you’re bound to find somewhere in London that you’d enjoy seeing up close.

If anything, London’s choice is so broad that it can be difficult to pin down exactly where to go and what to do. In that case, let this infographic from L.A. Stretch Limos help you to find some locations and attractions that are well worth experiencing.


London is a city brimming with cultural attractions that traverse all tastes, and one way of broadening your musical horizons is to download Dice, which allows you to easily buy concert tickets for internationally recognised artists as well as local talents outside of the mainstream. If you’re unsuccessful in attempting to purchase tickets, you’ll be put at the top of the list for future gigs from that artist.

It isn’t just musical events that are widespread throughout London, either. The city’s showpiece attractions like The Shard, the London Eye and Tower Bridge often have a diverse variety of captivating cultural events, with notifications on all of these coming from the Riverside London app, which gets it name from promoting events that take place on the banks of the Thames.

If you have a clear idea of the type of events you’d like to attend but just need to be pointed in the direction of what’s going on, Dojo will suggest a list of events in London that are geared towards your preferences. The app also integrates with Uber, which makes getting around much simpler.


Anyone with even a passing interest in history will be captivated by the fabled attractions on offer throughout London. Of course, some of these are known all across the world, like the Tower of London, but the city has a huge number of unsung sights that are worth exploring. Timeline Trip London is an app that uses maps to take you on a cultural tour of the city and provide fascinating yet little-known stories about each location. For instance, it informs users of how the city has evolved throughout the centuries and points out where old buildings once stood.

If you’re looking for some more modern exploration, try out London Audio Walking Tours. The in-built GPS audio automatically plays upon reaching certain locations and, very helpfully, it will alert you if you veer off course. Another useful feature is offline maps, which even in this era of free roaming could be very useful if you’re trying to conserve your device’s battery life.

Food & drink

If you’re a foodie fanatic or a nightlife lover, then London is most definitely for you. Its choice of bars and restaurants is as diverse and plentiful as you could wish to get. Apps such as Wriggle and OpenTable allow you to order meals and reserve tables in advance, something that’s highly recommended given how busy London’s top restaurants can be. Also, these apps are likely to suggest some lesser-known establishments of superb quality, enabling you to find a few hidden gems.

If you’re after a genuine British pub experience, Smith Finder is an app that locates Samuel Smith pubs in London which serve indigenous craft beers. The app also enables you to send your location to friends so that you can all convene in the same spot without too much hassle!

Check out the infographic below to find out more about these tremendous apps and take some inspiration for your next visit to London.

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