7 Best Practices to Generate Leads with Social Media

Generate Leads with Social media campaign

When you think about lead generation, social media probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Well, it should be. But before we start talking about lead generation on social media, let’s give you an idea about what we actually mean when we use the term “leads.”

Leads are basically potential consumers who’ve expressed interest in your product or service and have given contact information that you can use to follow up with further information. You can then engage with these leads using a tailored content marketing program. Or, you can also pass them directly to your sales department.

Now, why should you care about generating leads on social media? According to a study, 84% of Vice President (VP) executives and 75% of B2B buyers incorporate social media as a key to their decision-making process. Social channels today are becoming crucial to building relationships with consumers throughout each stage of the consumer lifecycle. They’re employing strategies like increasing brand awareness, achieving better sales, producing higher growth of revenues, etc. to generate leads on social media in order to achieve better results throughout the funnel.

According to a recent study, B2B buyers are 60% more likely to purchase from a reputed brand than an unpopular/low-quality competitor. Let’s help you learn 7 easy practices that you can use to generate leads with social media today.

Sharing Links to Gated Content

It is exactly what it sounds like — content that is hidden behind a virtual gate. When the content is valuable, interested readers are likely to provide some basic contact information to get access. To promote gated content, you need to share a link to a landing page. This is where your potential readers provide their information in exchange for access to your content.

Some may click away without accessing the content. However, those who are interested and know that they’ll achieve significant value are willing to go through this minor hurdle. This qualifies them as more than just casual readers in the process, and they become your valuable leads, assuming your content is relevant to your brand or product.

Social Media Advertising

While you can target organic social media posts to some extent, social media advertising will take your targeting tactics to a whole new level. Using a specific target audience to promote your gated content is the best way you can keep the advertising costs low while generating proper leads. Beyond that, with recent updates to a number of social networks’ algorithms, advertising on these platforms has now become very important. These updates are made to ensure a better user experience so that people will come across more relevant content than promotional content.

What this means is that you, as a marketer, will have to supplement your organic content with paid promotion to get it seen. Each social media platform has unique demographic standards that allow you to target ads. Therefore, consider using the right platform and targeting options to make sure that you’re going after an audience that will find your content valuable.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn now offer “Lead Generation” ads that allow marketers to generate direct leads with targeted marketing to users right on the platform. They no longer have to click those ads and get redirected to a landing page to fill in a form. The process now is pretty simple and takes less than a minute. Users can simply click on the form to fill it, and in response, they’ll either receive a gated content or an ebook for free.

With all that said, Facebook ads have more potential for businesses than any other social media platform. Not only will they drive more sales, but will also introduce consumers to your brand and build actual demand. You don’t want to lose that opportunity over something as simple as an awkwardly cropped or incorrectly sized ad. You’ll be investing money, time, and effort into your campaigns. Therefore, take a little more time to learn about the right Facebook ad size to ensure your ads are well-optimized for social media users. This is what differentiates a wasted ad spend from a new lifetime consumer. So, it’s worth it.

Social Media Listening

This is about keeping a virtual ear to the ground to better understand your business. It helps you know what’s happening on the inside, and who’s talking about you and your competitors online. This can be a great source of actionable insights, including valuable leads that are looking to engage with companies like yours.

Running Contests

One way to promote your product or service on social media platforms is running an engaging contest. Now, you might think that it’s an overused method. While there’s some truth to that statement, but it still works like a charm.

Most businesses run contests for two specific reasons. First, they generate leads that can benefit them. And second, the participants of each contest can share it with others as well. This boosts the content’s reach even further. But leads gathered this way aren’t always relevant. Therefore, filtering relevant leads is important through lead nurturing.

Providing Value and Building Trust

Most business owners try to convert their fans to paid customers without first adding value to their content or building trust. This makes the leap from fans to paying customers a rare occurrence at best. Here’s how you can fix the gap:

  • Email Subscribers: Consider adding an opt-in form to capture your email subscribers so that you can provide them with great value via helpful content in your newsletter. You can then build an email list from your Gmail account, which is basically a list of names and email addresses of those who gave you permission to send them promotions and updates from your business. For instance, you may use cold email outreach techniques to contact people on your email list. And by the time you offer something for sale, chances are they’ll consider it as you’ve already built trust and reliability.
  • Consistency: You need to be consistent with content that helps your potential customer. You can do this on your blog or via content that drives visitors back to your website. For instance, an image, how-to blog post, checklist, ecommerce solutions, etc. will not only catch attention but will also encourage fans to click through for more when combined with an excellent call to action.

Using Geo-targeted Search

Social media platforms now feature location-based targeting option. This enables marketers to send promotions to their targeted audiences. They can send gated content to people and target with lead generation ads to get feedback. There are multiple ways to geo-target your search. For this example, we’re going to use the Twitter advanced search. Follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Advanced Search page on Twitter.
  • Next, enter your search items.
  • Now, scroll down to Places.
  • Finally, select appropriate geolocation to target your search.

Hangouts, Live Videos, and Webinars

Another great way to generate leads is by using hangouts, webinars, and live videos. Most businesses conduct webinars on a specific subject with advanced registration. The idea here is to generate as many leads as possible. This is because a lot of people won’t even consider attending the webinar as the registration is in advance. But it’ll definitely help the company collect relevant leads.

Hangouts include a fair amount of users interested in a subject. Google hangouts is a great example of this. The user that starts the hangouts can invite up to 150 people to join in at a single time.

For live videos, marketers can go for gated content or in-video promotion. They can also direct the user to contests and landing pages as per their choice. There are lots of available options with live videos. YouTube and Facebook feature live video facility. Furthermore, you can add links to your webinar to turn your viewers into actual leads.

Key Takeaway

Generating social media leads doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process that takes time and effort. Even the topmost business owners get confused when they can’t collect leads from social media. Therefore, it’s better not to give up. Just keep on experimenting. The best practices don’t end here. Try new ways of promotion, and explore new social media marketing channels to get the ball rolling.

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Marcus Svensson is responsible for the Growth of Albacross, a B2B lead generation platform, with previous experience as a founder and background in Mathematics from Stanford. Albacross is one of the top lead generation tools in Europe today and growing with hundreds of new companies every day. For best lead generation visit albacross.com

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