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NEGOSENTRO.COMTop Georgia Truck Accident Attorneys | When you are involved in a truck accident in Georgia, you need to hire a truck accident attorney. If you have serious injuries, the experience can change your life. The good news is a truck accident attorney can help you to get compensation for medical bills and repairs for your damaged vehicle. This page discusses why you should consider hiring an experienced truck accident lawyer after an accident. 

Several parties involved

It’s challenging to get full compensation in a truck accident involving multiple at-fault parties. Worse still, if some other people are injured, there is a good chance that you might not receive a full settlement. It gets trickier if you are also to blame for the accident because it means other parties might also have claims against you. 

Hence, you should consider hiring a truck accident attorney in situations when you are partially at-fault and also injured. The lawyer will ensure that you get the compensation you’re entitled to while also challenge the counterclaims from people who were affected by the truck accident.

Compensation for severe injuries     

You will need a truck accident lawyer if you sustained serious injuries that caused permanent disabilities. Having an experienced attorney on your side is helpful because they can calculate the full amount of compensation you can get. Aside from this, they try to optimize your compensation claim by including your earning potential over the following years. 

The severity of your injuries will usually determine the amount of compensation you’re entitled to. You should remember that insurance companies are keen to know the extent of your injuries and how these injuries will affect your medical bills. Therefore, when the amount of money to compensate you increases, it’s likely that you can reach the maximum limit of the at-fault person’s insurance policy. 

The insurance company might also be forced to pay less amount of money to save their bottom line. This is why a truck accident attorney can help you to receive full compensation.       

Refusal to settle compensation

It’s common for commercial trucking and insurance companies to refuse to pay compensation after a truck accident. If you’re fortunate, they might decide to pay a fraction of the settlement, but most of the time, they can refuse to make any settlement. 

Are you wondering how a truck accident attorney will help you? Well, the attorney will focus on finding the expert witnesses, especially in cases that involve a semi-truck. This means the lawyer will analyze the condition of the truck after the accident. 

The investigation involves reviewing the black box data that has plenty of information on how the motor vehicle was used at the time of the accident. By doing this process, the truck accident attorney tries to uncover if there was maintenance negligence.  

Understandably, this investigation can be expensive, forcing some lawyers to skip it. But there is no short cut to this type of investigation. You should always choose Georgia truck accident attorneys who have adequate resources to carry it. This is the only way you can get a favorable result for your injuries and damages to the truck.