Tricks to Getting a Higher Valuation If You Are Selling a Hous

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Image Source: | Tricks to Getting a Higher Valuation If You Are Selling a House | Selling a house requires plenty of preparation. If you want the best results, it’s an activity that you need to approach strategically. With increased competition in the real estate world, you’ll want your house to stand out in the eyes of potential buyers.

Therefore, before approaching a property valuations company, you need to elevate your house into turnkey standards. A turnkey house is one in which potential buyers can move in immediately without any repairs.

So, wondering how to get a higher valuation for your house? Here are five useful tricks that you can easily use to improve your home’s value before selling it.

1. Proper Landscaping and Yard Lighting

An attractive and well-taken care of yard says a lot in the eyes of property buyers. They are looking for something pleasant, a place they can spend time peacefully during seasons like summer. So, if potential buyers come across a messy garden full of dead plants, this can be a significant turnoff.

Therefore, to make your yard fresh and captivating, invest in new soil, shrubs, rock, mulch, and ground cover, among other resources. You can easily do this yourself, or hire a professional landscaper if you don’t have a green thumb.

Moreover, you need to invest in a properly lit yard. Yard lighting translates to a secure home and highlights that beautiful garden. With so doing, this will inevitably boost the buyer’s interest.

2. Wall Repair and Paintings

Before seeking property valuation services, ensure that the house in question is in good shape. First impressions matter a lot when it comes to real estate. It’s common sense that old, ugly, or dilapidated looking houses don’t stand a chance.

Therefore, invest in freshly painted walls for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Similarly, check on any small dents that may be on the wall and ensure that they are correctly repaired. Such minor improvements in your house give it an added advantage of getting a higher valuation.

 3. Indoor Flooring

Flooring is another contributing factor to getting a higher valuation for your house. It’s one of the things mostly looked at by buyers once inside the house. People are after stylish, contemporary, and, of course, clean floors.

This means that for your house to receive a higher valuation, you need to fix any flaws in your indoor flooring. On the other hand, if your home has hardwood floors, you can apply a high-quality carpet. But only do this if your hardwood floor is in great shape.

4. Make Your House Smart

According to a survey done by Coldwell Banker in 2018, most house buyers want properties fitted with smart and safe technologies. Such reliable and intelligent technologies include:

·         Fire detectors

·         Thermostats

·         Security cameras

·         Carbon monoxide detectors

·         Door locks and lighting

Potential homebuyers who are enthusiasts about tech are more likely to pay more for houses with such amenities. This would be a great deal for you since it doesn’t cost that much to install these devices.

5. Overall Renovation

Overall, ensure that every corner of the house is in good shape. This includes upgrading or repairing your windows and doors, roof and foundations, bathroom and toilet, and kitchen upgrades.

Have the house looking fresh and clean, and you’ll quickly boost its chances of getting a higher valuation.


It is in your best interest that your house gets a higher valuation as this will fetch you more money. Your odds of getting a higher valuation figure will be greatly tilted to your favor when you follow the above highlighted guidelines. Even though some of the guidelines will cost you some money, it is worth every penny.


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