High-end Production Line with Dekuma’s PP Melt-blown Nonwovens Extruder

Nonwovens Extruder

Negosentro.com | High-end Production Line with Dekuma’s PP Melt-blown Nonwovens Extruder | The outbreak of COVID-19 this year caught us by surprise. All kinds of protection measures have been taken in a quick. As the new coronavirus can be transmitted through saliva in the air in a short time, masks become one of the most critical anti-epidemic weapons during the outbreak. The global demand for masks rocketed in an instant, directly promoting the development of mask derivative industries. Melt-blown nonwoven fabric extruder is an example in this case.

Let’s figure out what a melt-blown nonwoven fabric is before we understand the melt-blown nonwoven fabric extruder.

Melt-blown nonwoven fabric

Melt-blown nonwoven fabric with PP as the primary raw material is the core material of the mask. Melt-blown nonwoven fabric is the superfine fiber with a unique capillary structure to increases the number and surface area of the fiber per unit area so that the melt-blown nonwoven fabric has excellent filtration, shielding, heat insulation, and oil absorption.

In the high incidence seasons of SARS, avian influenza and H1N1 virus, etc., melt-blown nonwoven fabric plays an irreplaceable role with its strong filtering performance. Generally, melt-blown nonwoven cloth with a filtration rate of more than 95% can filter the virus to the greatest extent. Therefore, if you want high-quality melt-blown nonwoven cloths, an extruder with superior plasticizing performance is essential.

Production of melt-blown nonwoven fabric

The melt-blown nonwovens are drawn by the fine melt flow extruded from the die head’s spinneret hole through the high-speed hot air flow to form the microfiber. After that, the microfiber will be collected on the condensing net or roller and become melt-blown nonwoven fabric by self-bonding.

To produce melt-blown nonwovens with a filtration rate of more than 95%, the standard of N95 masks required for epidemic containing, you need a complete set of high-end production lines. The key is to choose the PP melt-blown nonwoven fabric extruder with good plasticizing effect and stability and focus on some large-scale factories with an excellent reputation to facilitate your future production. 

What I have to state here is that Decuma’s PP melt-blown nonwoven fabric extruder is what you could consider.

Decuma’s PP melt-blown nonwoven fabric extruder

Compared with common extruders on the market, the greatest advantage of Dekuma’s PP melt-blown nonwovens extruder is that the plasticity effect and stability are superior to those of common extruders and it can plasticize in a lower temperature to ensure high-quality output of melt-blown nonwoven cloth. 

Established by Cosmos Machinery Enterprises Limited and DEKUMA GmbH of Germany, the manufacturing process of Decuma’s PP melt-blown nonwoven fabric extruder has the high-tech support. The screw barrel designed by German engineers is wear-resistant and durable, with high output and smooth material plasticization. The screw barrel used with 38CrMoAlA is more long-lasting after nitriding treatment. 

In addition, adopted by Siemens PLC controller, the extruder effectively realizes the integrated control of the whole line. It is also equipped with various intelligent devices facilitating your operation conveniently, which are included a 10-inch smart touch screen, automatic feeding system, automated drying program, etc.

Given for the superior advantages, Dekuma’s PP melt-blown nonwovens extruder suitable for a set of high-end melt-blown cloth production line.

With its excellent technology and professional service, Decuma is deeply trusted by the majority of users around the world. In the past 16 years, they have been focusing on the R & D, production and sales of high-end extrusion equipment, and are committed to providing perfect solutions for the rubber and plastic processing technology industry. Relying on German high technology, Dekuma will become your ideal cooperator.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, people have had an essential understanding of this raw material, causing a bunch of people to pay attention to the melt-blown nonwoven fabric extruder. Do you want to have such a device?


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