Unicorn Toys Your Kids Will Love- Our Favorite 6 Plush Unicorn Toys

Unicorn Toys are very popular in the toy world over the past few years. Children’s choices are endless. They love to play with different toys. Finding toys as per their choice is a bit difficult. Unicorn Plush Toy is a great play item for kids. The different colorful plush toys make them get lost in a dreamy world.

Parents generally find that unicorn toys are an appropriate guide for a child’s growth. These toys develop good imaginative power and creativity in kids. The soft and cozy plush toys especially attract the girls more, as a substitution of the pillow. Unicorn Plush toys are available in both online and offline stores.

In this article, we have enlisted 6 Plush Unicorn Toys, which are all-time favorites of all kids. Let’s have a glance:

  1. FurReal StarLily Plush Pet Toys:

These toys are the best for kids to cuddle as they are very soft and plush in nature. These toys can pose in different postures like sitting, standing, lying and might even dance when it perceives music. On holding and cuddling this magical unicorn plush toy, it flutters its beautiful, delicate wings and lights up its horns. This toy is very attractive to kids, as it can respond to your voice and physical touch with more than 100 combinations of sound and motion.

  1. Walking Unicorn Plush Toy:

This is a type of unicorn plush toy that can walk, dance and entertain your child. Formed of high-quality fabric and plush, stuffed with 90% PP cotton, this pink unicorn pony is soft and squashy. Once you press the button associated with the drawstring, this magical animal friend will start to dance, walk, twist and sing three melodious songs. This walking unicorn plush toy operates on battery.

  1. Unicorn Jumbo Stuffed Animal- Melissa and Doug:

This soft toy is a jumbo version of the magical unicorn with an enchanted look. It is soft, furry and beautiful pink in color. It is provided with a sturdy wireframe that helps it to stand on four durable hooves. This unicorn plush toy is ideal for 4 to 6 years old kids.

  1. Cute Fat Unicorn Plush Toy:

This tiny, cute and chubby unicorn plush toy is an all-time favorite of all kids. Being manufactured and stuffed with PP cotton, this little unicorn soft toy is extremely soft, spongy and comfortable. Its pink horns, cheeks and tails will make you fall in love with it.

  1. Woodyotime Moving &Talking Interactive Unicorn Plush Toy:

This unicorn plush toy is one of the best ways to keep your kids entertained, as well as, engaged. It repeats the exact words or sentences that it hears, in a funny comic voice. While talking, it also moves on the floor. These activities of the unicorn plush toy make the child think it to be a living object; it behaves just like a real pet. It works on battery.

  1. TOYMYTOY Unicorn Plush Toy Stuffed Animal Pillow Cushion:

This a special kind of toy cum pillow cushion, manufactured, especially for kids. It is formed with premium plush and PP cotton, hence the cushion is extremely soft, squashy and comfortable to use. The cute and creative unicorn design of the pillow cushion makes it more attractive to kids. Your child can also use it as a stocking stuffer and play with it all day.


A large range of unicorn plush toys can fulfill the aspiration of children. Children love the toys and can relate themselves with their dreamy unicorns. All the toys are made keeping in mind about the children’s desires and their fantasy world.

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