Top Ways to Reach Out to Large Numbers of Employees

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One of the main tasks of human resources managers and professionals is making sure that the employees in your care are satisfied in their roles. Employee satisfaction is absolutely vital to businesses of all sizes, however, HR professionals working for large companies might find it a little trickier to determine exactly how happy everybody is at work. If you work for a large-scale company and keeping large numbers of employees happy in their workplace is one of your responsibilities, we’ve put together some of the best ways in which you can do this effectively.

Employee Surveys

Employee surveys, such as those offered at, are one of the best ways to reach a large number of employees quickly and efficiently. Since surveys can be designed, taken, and returned completely online, it’s no surprise that this is one of the most popular methods of discovering employee opinions and ideas within big companies. There are many different questions which you can ask employees in a survey, but when it comes to their satisfaction, you should also ask them to share their ideas and suggestions, too. Another great benefit of using an employee satisfaction survey is that they can often be taken anonymously by employees, encouraging them to answer honestly without any fear of repercussions.

Talking Groups

For HR professionals who work in big companies that are made up of a range of smaller departments, keeping everyone happy by communicating with them often can be a difficult, or even impossible task. Since there probably won’t be enough time in the day to speak to every single employee across a range of departments, selecting one or two employees who will represent each department in meetings and more is a good way to discover more about what the workforce thinks. Having one or two people as a department representative not only makes it easier to find out more about each department in regards to satisfaction, it can also be a great way to offer the best employees more responsibility in their roles.

Suggestion Boxes

Having a suggestion box or boxes which can be easily reached by all employees in the company is a good way to help improve the satisfaction of the workforce that you look after. One of the best ways to improve employee satisfaction is by listening to what workers have to say and responding accordingly, for example by making changes to uniforms, working hours, or even replacing the coffee machine, if it’s starting to cause problems with engagement at work. Setting up a ‘post box’ style system where employees can post notes with their ideas and suggestions on is a good way to make sure everyone’s included, without having to speak to thousands of employees at the same time.

For HR managers who look after large numbers of employees, trying to keep everybody happy at the same time can often seem downright impossible. Thankfully, there are plenty of innovative ways in which you can reach out to everyone and help improve overall satisfaction levels.