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Cheryl Chandola, Negosentro |  Transportation has been a necessity in everybody’s lives ever since the beginning. Getting people, products, and other items from one place to another has been a development factor in the improvement of every personand society as a whole. Transportation has played a critical role in human civilization and success. Without transportation, development would have been difficult and nearly impossible.

transport_technologyBecause of transportation’s role in civilization and development, experts have focused on developing, improving and inventing many means of transportation. In the first two decades of the 21st century, we were introduced to many futuristic transportation systems. Some public transportation models have already been operating for a few years now. Others are still in the experimental stages. In this development of transportation, all experts, inventors, and innovators have one factor to take into consideration. It is whether their innovations or inventions save money. Luckily, here are some top transportation technologies that save money.

Boosted Boards

These sleek boards are similar to skateboards, but much more practical for daily riders. They are designed to handle any ride whether you are passing through path holes, uneven city streets or even occasional curb. Each boosted board could last for years and could travel thousands of milesgetting riders from A to B much quicker and saving money on gas, parking, and repair costs along the way.

Driverless Cars

You may have enjoyed watching movies about cars that can move by themselves. According to predictions, the first companies that are likely to launch the self-driving cars are Ford, General Motors, and the Renault-Nissan Alliance. It is just a matter of time before these autonomous cars become available in the market.

These cars offer much safer and less costly transportation. They do not need a driver, meaning fewer labor costs. It is also reported that every driverless car owner will save US$1,000 per year in insurance. This is because these cars are programmed to follow traffic laws. Family members will not need multiple cars because of its “return-to-home” feature. The car can deliver the first family member to their destination and go back home to deliver the other family members to their destinations. This will lessen the need for families to buy more cars.

Electric Cars

Because of the high price of oil and fuel and the fast decrease of natural fuel resources, car developers have been researching a lot of alternative power supply for cars. One of the potential power alternatives is electricity. Electric motors power electric cars. There can be more than one electric motor in a vehicle and they’re  designed to be rechargeable. This innovation has been proven to be safe for the environment.

Because of the existence of electric cars, the demand for oil and fuel will lessen. This will be a big help in lowering the price of said fuels. The U.S. government, in particular, will give rebates and tax benefits on those people who will buy electric cars. They did this to lessen the country’s dependence on fuel. This will prompt people to buy more electric cars just to save more money.


A hyperloop is a very futuristic mode of transportation. It is a big pod that travels through a long tube at a very high speed. According to the developers, 90-hour travel can be reduced to just 12 minutes because of Hyperloop’s 760 mph speed.

Hyperloop is also money-saving because of the reduced time people, and soon, products need to travel. People will not need to endure costly vehicles that will take them hours to get to their destination. As for products, this transportation will lessen the travel time for them. This ideal for perishable goods. Hyperloop can get the products in just minutes. Another wonderful thing about Hyperloop is according to the management of Hyperloop One, they are way cheaper than subway trains. With the promise of speed and money saving, it is no wonder a lot of people are investing in this transportationwhich will hopefully be launched in the year 2020.

Maglev Train

The Maglev Train dates all the way back to 1902. A maglev train, from its name itself, is magnetic levitation train. It is run by electricity and magnets. These magnets are the key to its high speed. It saves travel time, and it can transport up to 400 people in one ride. This will reduce traffic, save travel time for other vehicles, and eventually, money.

Just like a Hyperloop, a Maglev train is fast enough to make hours of travel in just one to two hours. People will only take one fast ride to get to their destination. This means less extra fare expenses. Perishable products will have less travel time and more sell time. This will reduce product defect and will improve sales. Therefore, less money is lost.

With these tremendous and futuristic means of transportation, we can almost feel the high technology future that many movies have portrayed for us. All of these types of transportation offer fast and money-saving features. These transportation innovations are not only for the improvement of getting people and objects from one place to anotherthey can also save the environment by using less fuel, and save the pockets of millions of people by saving them money.

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