5 Instagram Tips You Can’t Live Without

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Lalaine Wiser, Negosentro |  Instagram has made its place in everyone’s life that it needs no special introduction now. It is the app which is now being used by 800 million active users to capture photos and videos and share them with their Instagram community. Like many other social networking sites, Instagram is also continuously updating its features and its evolving constantly.

If you are an Instagram addict or even if you are new to this app, Instagram offers you with many features that you would never want to miss to make most of out of this app. I am going to share with you some of those handy Instagram tricks that make this app more fun to use. These tips and tricks are going to help you whether you are using Instagram for your brand or just posting photos/videos to share your moments with your family and friends.

So, let’s get started with it.

Post Multiple Photos At Once

With this updated feature of Instagram, you can post multiple photos/videos at once. Sounds amazing? Yes, it surely is! There are many times when you have a collection of photos/videos of an event or anything that you want to post in a single post. This new Instagram feature allows you to post up to 10 photos/videos in a single post so that your followers can see them by just swiping right or left.

All you need to do is to click the plus sign to add a photo you want to post. After selecting the photo, you will find a Select Multiple Icon on the rightmost corner at the bottom of the image. Select that icon, and you will be directed to select up to 10 photos/videos. After selecting your collection click the next button, apply any filters you want and you are good to go.


Hashtags Trick

Hashtags are usually considered the essential part of your Instagram posts. It makes your content discoverable to your targeted audience that helps you gain followers on Instagram fast.

Whenever you write captions for your posts, adding relevant Hashtags is the best options especially if you are a business owner and want to reach your target audience. But figuring out which Hashtags are best to use is the real struggle. A simple trick for selecting Hashtags is to let Instagram suggests Hashtags for you. For instance, you own a shoe business and post a photo of a pair of the shoes. The moment you are going to add Hashtags for this and start typing #shoe wait for a moment, a dropdown list of the suggested Hashtags will appear that will tell you what other similar Hashtags people are using with the word of shoe/shoes. Along with a total number of photos that are tagged with those hashtags.

This trick helps you select best hashtags for your posts. So make most of this auto-suggest hashtag feature of Instagram and add relevant and trending hashtags to your posts.

Manage Your Filters List

Instagram offers you with many filters options. There is a whole list of filters you can choose from to edit your photos. But from the entire list, there are the chances you have 3 or 4 most popular filters that you use more often. This trick will help you manage your filters list to active the most used filters and inactive those you don’t use. To do this slide to the end of the filters list and select manage option. Here you can check and uncheck the filters you want and reorder them by holding and dragging the left side of the filter list up and down.


Instagram Direct

Sometimes you want to show your friend something on Instagram separately and don’t want to post it or publish it to all your followers. Instagram Direct let you share content and chat with your followers/friends/family separately. It lets you privately direct messaging them a photo/video. So you can use a photo sharing app as a chatting app too.

All you need to do is to select the arrow icon at the bottom of the post you want to send separately or directly to someone. After selecting the small arrow, a drop down list will appear from which you can choose one or more accounts to whom you want to send that post, or you can even type and search the names you want to direct message.

Don’t Miss Out Your Favorite’s Posts

Instagram is always full of feeds from all the accounts you are following. And there may be an account whose posts you never want to miss, but it may sometimes get mixed with so many other feeds that you miss them unconsciously. There is a trick to prioritize your favourite’s post. For that, you need to go to that special account, tap on the (…) icon in the top right corner and then turn On the Post Notification. This will let Instagram push notifications to you, so you will be notified instantly whenever that user posts anything new.

So these were some tricks, or you can say some hidden features of Instagram that you surely never want to miss to make most of Instagram. Try them out and enjoy using this fun-filled app, i.e. INSTAGRAM!