Top Tips for Owning an RV


Negosentro | Top Tips for Owning an RV | RVs are awesome pieces of equipment that combine the comfort of the home and the freedom of automobiles, giving you the option to live your best life while also exploring and having great adventures. However, there are things you need to know if you’re going to get the most out of your new RV. They’re big machines, and can be pretty intimidating the first time you use them, so it’s important that you feel comfortable with your RV home, and to do that, all you need is a few hours behind the wheel, as well as learning a few of the top tips for owning an RV. 

Ensure You have the Essential Tools

RVs are not like regular cars or caravans, meaning that it’s useful to get some specialist equipment to make sure you can easily service and look after your RV in the future. The most important is a proper lug nut wrench. These allow you to tighten bolts within your rig, which ensures that you are not traveling with any loose screws. Different RVs and manufacturers use different nuts, so a good way to make sure you’re covered is to invest in a 4-way wrench. 

Other important RV tools include devices to monitor and check your tire pressure, as you want make sure they’re at an optimal level to limit poor gas mileage, bad stability and faulty breaking. It’s also worth getting levelling blocks, to make sure your rig doesn’t roll away when stationary on slopped ground, as well as a two-way radio, which can be helpful in emergency situations. 

Protect Your RV 

You want to make sure you put the right measures in place to keep your RV protected. Weather such as rain, snow and even sunshine due to it’s UV rays, can damage the paint of your RV, or start to rust key components. Due to their size, many RVs can’t be stored in traditional garages, they’re just too big, however you can get portable RV Garages that can be erected in your front yard to provide your RV a great place to stay protected. These garages can be put up almost anywhere, and essentially can be moved around, giving you a welcomed flexibility to match the less routine lifestyle an RV can provide. 

Think About Your Tires

First time RV buyers, especially if you’re purchasing one with multiple wheels, should definitely check the date of your tires, as you want to make sure you’re rolling around on tires that aren’t too worn down. It’s also best to make sure you have the right tires for your rig, as some tires might not work best with heavy loads such as an RV. Be sure to find this out and then match the tires PSI to this, to make sure they’re in harmony. 

It’s important to replace tires at least every 7,500 miles, to minimize the likelihood of them getting punctures or bursting, however due to how heavy an RV is, it also a good idea to change them more frequently. 

Drive Safely and Confidently

With the added weight and size of an RV, driving it feels extremely different than driving a car, and again due to that weight and size, getting into an accident with it can be extremely devastating. If there are flaws in your driving, and if you know that you take too many risks, then driving an RV isn’t suitable for you just now. 

When driving an RV, be sure to take things slow and be confident in what you’re doing. You don’t ever want to feel rushed or feel panicked as these are the moments where slip-ups are most likely. Do everything with purpose and control, and you should make a great RV driver. 

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