Top Tips for Creating a Healthy and Happy Workplace

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Image source: | Top Tips for Creating a Healthy and Happy Workplace | As a business owner, you’re responsible for the company’s health when it comes to things like earnings, customer satisfaction and company growth. Your bottom line is very important with respect to the health of your business, but it’s not the only metric for success. What does your organization look like on the inside? Do your employees love their jobs? If so, what do they think of the office environment? Is it a productive and welcoming space? Employee morale and retention are also important to the health of your company. Here are some tips for creating a healthy and happy work environment.

Creating an Environment of Trust

One major characteristic of a happy organization is one where there’s a mutual sense of trust between employees and management. Do you trust the people that work for you? Can they trust you? Building an environment of dependability and trustworthiness is not something that happens overnight. Your workers aren’t going to like every business decision made, but they will respect you if you are honest, transparent and fair with them. Avoid overpromising and underdelivering, and back up your commitments with meaningful action. Consistent follow-through and regular communication go a long way with building a trust.

Inspiring and Empowering Your People

When there’s a shared trust between you and your people, it should lead to an environment where they feel inspired and empowered to go above and beyond for the sake of a job well done. They will take ownership of their job in a way that is more than just checking boxes. This will have a net positive effect on your work product which will ultimately impact your clients as well as your bottom line. Thus, employee empowerment can be one of your most effective sales strategies. Within your organization, there needs to be an actual framework for employee growth. Whether it’s a path to management or creating an environment where workers can be given serious responsibilities with tolerance for mistakes as learning opportunities.

Promoting Health and Wellness

Healthy employees are generally happy employees, and so it’s worth creating initiatives that promote health and wellness both in and out of the workplace. Your organization needs members that are in good physical and mental health. Consider the following ways that you can actively improve the work environment through wellness:

  • Promote exercise and activity with subsidized gym memberships, or in-office exercise areas.
  • Offer preventive care in the workplace such as flu vaccinations
  • Invest in office furniture such as desks that accommodate standing.
  • Provide healthy snack options in the breakroom or in vending machines
  • Create an employee assistance program to support employees with mental health issues and other life concerns.
  • Provide incentives for healthy behaviors, such as subsidizing health costs for workers with certain biometric screening results.

Enjoying Yourselves

Work is not necessarily fun, but that doesn’t mean the work environment can’t be fun. When your team members look forward to coming to work, it makes for a workplace of boosted morale and productivity as well. Look for ways to infuse some fun and excitement into the organizational culture. Employees should be allowed to be joyful, whether it’s about personal concerns or work-related business. Consider throwing office parties to celebrate monthly birthdays. Order lunch for the entire office on the last Friday of each month. Adding fun to business meetings can also help make the office a fun place to be. Amenities such as massage chairs or break room televisions or board games can also contribute to a happier workplace.

When you have an organization of healthy and happy members, it will ultimately impact your bottom line. The office will become a more productive environment, resulting in improved work product or deliverables that ultimately serve your clients or customers as well. People are a company’s most valuable asset and when they feel empowered and inspired, they put in a better effort and perhaps take even more ownership in the company’s performance and success.


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