Top Things to Ask Yourself While Buying a Used Car

Buying a Used Car Steps to Buying a Car in the Philippines

Second hand cars or used cars are not always the best value-for-money option or the cheapest option that is available for drivers or buyers who are interested in various segments of cities. However, if you make the whole research process seamless and go on searching for the best dealer with the best car and the best quote – you would soon get a car that is the best in its range and can also give brand new cars a run for money from the point of view of mileage and performance. Know about the top questions that you need to ask yourself prior to purchasing a second hand vehicle.

Have I made an independent review of the car history?

This is crucial, to say the least. Do not trust the seller’s word for it, given that he could be lying through his teeth. Be proactive and carry out a Free Revs check, PPSR check, Vin Number Check and Car History Check. These will give you a fair idea about whether or not the vehicle is safe to buy, or has come encumbrances such as outstanding loans or dues against it. It could be that the car is leased and has some payments owed against it, in which case the financial institution or person involved might take steps to have the car repossessed from you, even if you have purchased the vehicle with full payment. 

Have I gone through the Consumer Guide?

It is vital that you go through the Consumer Guide of FTC before the purchase of the used car. You have to check the reviews and find out whether the car is good enough in various aspects; whether the engine, exterior, interior etc are good enough for your needs. 

Have I gone through the car records database?

You have to use a reputed car records database in order to conduct research about the vehicle’s history. NMVTIS, NADA, KBB are some of the reputed car records databases that you can use in order to ensure that the vehicle is clean. Checking through a car records database can be very assistive for you in finding out whether a car is good enough to buy. 

Have I verified car details with NMVTIS?

You have to check with the NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System) to get information about the Damage History, Odometer Data and Title of the vehicle. This is extremely important, given that the seller could be a dishonest person and might have rolled back the odometer to show that the car covered less miles. 

Have I checked with the Local Consumer Protection Agency?

You need to verify with the State Attorney General or Local Consumer Protection Agency and find out whether any unresolved complaints have been filed against the dealer of the vehicle, assuming that you are buying from a car dealer. Things are not so easy if you are buying from a private seller, something that many people do these days in order to save on car purchase expense and cut down on the need for paperwork.

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