Maintenance of Your Torque Converters

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Transmission problems are a common occurrence with modern vehicles, as the automatic transmission has taken over much of the market share that used to be dominated by the standard transmission. 

The modern automatic transmission has a lot of moving parts and a lot more electronics then the standard transmission ever did, and this means that there are a lot of issues that can arise with this transmission. 

Transmission problems are not an easy thing to diagnose, but with a little bit of know-how and research, you can do preventative maintenance to try and give many of your transmission components a longer life span.

The torque converter is an essential part of the transmission, fusing the link between the fluid and the moving gears inside of the unit. The transmission would not be functional without the torque converter in place, and many of us fail to realize just how important the torque converter is to the transmission of your vehicle. 

Understanding the torque converter will give you a better idea of how to preserve the life of your transmission, and most vehicle owners fail to understand the importance of torque converters.

There are a few things that you’ll want to look for when your torque converter starts to go out, and we are going to examine a few of those things. Extreme engine vibration is a bad sign in any vehicle, but engine shuddering is a sign of torque converter failure right off the bat. 

When you notice that your transmission is shuddering this could be a sign that the torque converter is not getting enough fluid to the transmission. Another cause of shuddering can be that the torque converter is overheating, and once this happens your transmission will begin to get burnt inside.

A burnt transmission usually means that all of the bands are warped, and at this stage, you’ll need an entirely new unit including the torque converter. Servicing a torque converter is not just important to your car, but a lack of proper service can be detrimental to the lifespan of your vehicle. 

You’ll also notice that your engine has an increased stall speed when the torque converter is going out, which can cause the engine to have a delayed idle and even cause break down from time to time. The torque converter is more of an important part then you might realize, which is why it can be problematic when the part begins to fail on you.

The torque converters are one of the most important parts of the transmission, and with the wrong torque converter, you’ll experience a plethora of problems when it comes to the performance of your vehicle. Torque converter repairs should be done by a certified expert who will be able to give you a realistic estimate on what’s going on with your transmission. Time and time again the torque converter will be the main cause of issues when it comes to transmission, so naturally, you’ll notice a dramatic change in the performance of your vehicle and especially how the transmission acts when the fluid levels are low.

There are several things that a certified torque converted expert will check, such as the bearing seals and the needle bearings. 

The seals in the torque converter can also begin to wear out, which is a primary cause of transmission fluid leakage in the long term. 

The right transmission expert will be able to examine the leaks in your torque converter and find out exactly right where the leak is being caused from, getting your car back on the road and preventing your transmission from future failure.


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