Top Things to Look for in a Trusted Auto Mechanic

by Kyla Camille Nievera, Negosentro.comEvery vehicle owner must have a good idea of reliable auto mechanics in the neighborhood. The auto mechanic must have proven expertise and trustworthiness. Some of the factors that make a mechanic trustworthy are-


An auto mechanic who is experienced should at least possess the ASE (Auto Service Excellence) accreditation or should have the manufacturer-specific accreditation. The customer should look for certificates or logos that are displayed when he/she visits the mechanic.


One factor that improves the trustworthiness of a mechanic is the recommendation of family members or well-known friends. The other sources that can be checked by customers are the Better Business Bureau or the local Chamber of Commerce or reviews from local community groups.

Written Estimates

An experienced auto mechanic will never hesitate to provide written estimates for servicing. If the prospective mechanic hesitates in providing the estimate without seeing the vehicle, the customer can request for a ball park estimate. If the mechanic completely rejects the idea of providing written estimates, then the customer should look for a different mechanic altogether.

Performing the Required Tasks

A good auto mechanic will ensure to perform the only tasks that have been agreed to. If he/she senses that something extra needs to be done, the mechanic will ensure that the customer is consulted before going ahead with the extra task. A customer should be extremely careful with mechanics who come with a reputation of doing something without consulting the customer.


An experienced auto mechanic will ensure that the problem and the solution for fixing the problem in the vehicle is explained thoroughly to the customer. Also, the auto mechanic should show a great deal of patience when dealing with customer questions. Some customers might ask a lot of questions. The mechanic should begin work only after explaining everything in detail to the customer.


A customer usually does not want to pay a lot for servicing, but at the same he/she does not mind paying a little bit more to avoid future repairs. An auto mechanic who is trusted does not always quote the lowest price, but ensures that he quotes the most competitive and reasonable price based on the costs in the market.

Specialty Repairs

Repairs like transmission are outsourced to specialty repair shops. An auto mechanic who is trusted will usually convey this information to the customer as well. Overall, the mechanic should be transparent with all the processes that take place during car servicing.


An experienced auto mechanic will offer different kinds of options to the customer. These options include different brands of spare parts that are available in the market and usually the mechanic goes with the preferred brand of the customer and installs it. After all the repairs are done, the mechanic should offer the choice of retaining the old parts or return it to the customer itself. This ensures that the customer can check the worn-out parts to see if the replacement was absolutely necessary.


A trusted auto mechanic will usually offer referrals to other auto mechanic shops if he/she is not able to perform certain task in hand. This shows that the mechanic absolutely cares about the customer and is proof of the integrity of the mechanic.


The best auto mechanic offers guarantees for his/her work. These guarantees ensure that the work done on the car is done properly the first time. If the snag redevelops, the mechanic will fix the vehicle for no additional charge.

Overall, finding a trustworthy mechanic is an intensive process. The customer should exhibit great degree of patience before settling on a trusted mechanic who can perform all the tasks related to car servicing.

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