Office and Corporate Digital Signage: Best Way to Make Your Office Look Fashionable

Digital Signage

by Julianne Mercer, | Office and Corporate Signage: Best Way to Make Your Office Look Fashionable | Gone are those traditional days when you had to run from one building to another to find the concerning officer in the office or corporate building. Now with the latest technology and several ways this task has become way too easier for the people. Office and corporate digital signage is one such useful thing to be considered today. Whether you are going in a same direction or not, the way to stair, elevator or washroom – everything you can get with the help of signage today. If you enter in any office building, you will find a reception, enquiry, billing, accounts, administration, technical, computer room and other departments easily now because of this signage.

What Is Office and Corporate Signage?

Signage is a board that is used for indication or direction. These boards are widely found in places such as offices, hospitals, shopping malls, shops, movie halls and others. These boards are made of different materials. There is a base and the work or design is made on that base. That base can be of wooden structure, vinyl structure, iron structure or glass structure.

Types of Digital Signage / Signage in Offices:

There are various types of signage that can be found today in offices. Some of them are:

  • Acrylic Signage: These are used for company logo or reception desk. Mostly these are made on glass structure.
  • Ada Signs: These are for the differently able people. People who are physically unable to move from here to there use this signage to get the directions to washrooms, elevators, rooms and others. ADA stands for Americans with Disability Act.
  • Notice or Bulletin Boards: These are common in corporate houses. Bulletin boards are common in schools and hospitals which are hanged in a corner of every floor for the important notices and news to be published. Notice board is an important type of office and corporate signage.
  • Frame Banners: These are another type of signage that comes with a frame. These are made on wooden or iron frames (mostly wooden). Created on vinyl material, frame banners are popular in many offices for interior decorations or promotions.
  • Standee: Standees are the roller signage. These come as a rolled paper within an iron structure. Paired with an iron rod, these standees are used for marketing purposes.
  • Wall Coverings: Wall coverings are used to cover the entire wall of the office. You can cover one of the walls near entrance with your company name or logo or something else to make it stylish. Apart from this wall coverings are used to showcase the services and products. As for example many restaurants put their menu on the wall cover.
  • 3D Signage: 3D signage is mostly used to create the company name or logo. You will find such signage in many corporate building to show the name of the company or stores.
  • Digital Signage: This is another latest technology in office and corporate signage industry. Digital signage is more like a digital photo frame. You can add many things into one signage.
  • Directions: These are the common in all offices and corporate buildings. We often see such name plates and direction plates across the building. These directions help us find places like stair case, smoking area, restroom, elevator and floor details.
  • Wall Frames: These are found mostly in the reception area. In wall frames you will find the departments’ details, floor details, concerning officer and such.

These are some of the types of office and corporate signage you will find in almost all the offices. There was a time when signage was restricted to directions only, now it is used in various purposes. There are diverse materials have introduced too to make it more glamorous.

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