Top Reasons Why Magento Your First Choice for eCommerce Web Development

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Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce development platforms in existence. It is a wholly owned IP of eBay and soon to be sold to Adobe for USD1.68 Billion. Since its inception in 2008, its popularity has grown nd now significantly beats the closest competitors like Shopify, BigCommerce.

According to Builwith, in 2017 Magento powered 28% of the websites across the internet and almost 16% of the top one million. According to Magento themselves they are among the top 3 providers to the top 500 internet retail companies.

The biggest factor behind its popularity is it being an open sourced platform that is available free of cost for e-commerce development with a robust developer community. Moreover, it has also has numerous plug-ins or modules that are continuously being developed by this community that enable customization to great depth and extent. So, if you’re the owner of an eCommerce app development company or a business owner seeking eCommerce mobile app development for their online retail store, Magento is the way to go.

However, in addition to above there are several other features enticing to both the developers and customers that make choosing magento a no brainer. Let’s have a look at few of them. 


  • Catalog Management


Regardless of what you sell on your ecommerce portal, appropriate segregation of the product is important which is also known as cataloguing. Magento offers more catalogue creating, managing features than any other ecommerce app development platform. These include support for virtual products, provision for downloadable digital products like videos, songs, etc. one can edit or completely delete a product review on a Magento website effortlessly. Inventory management can be fully admin controlled. Personalization option extends to options such as resizing images or watermarking them. It also has supports RSS Feed.

  1. Tools for Advertising and Marketing

 You are even assisted in marketing and advertising your ecommerce portal by Magento. The marketing tools that are offered by Magento include the ability to cross sell your products. You can even offer special deals and discounts restricted to only certain categories of products. It also has integration for distribution of promotional vouchers like coupons and gift cards via Email, newsletter or even offline. It also can monitor the usage of discount offers and coupons in the background. You can even offer lucrative deals like free shipping on new product introductions on Magento.  Moreover, desktop features like landing page tools even translate to Magento ecommerce mobile app builder.

  1. Fully SEO Centered

With Google dominating every facet of the internet today, Magento has future proofed it by being completely SEO focused. Additionally, it also offers more tools for further fine tuning of Search Engine Optimization like generation of Google sitemap. The URLs that are search engine friendly are readily supported by Magento. It also offers faster page loading by minimizing, .css and.js files usage. It also sorts popular searches automatically and modifies accordingly. 

  1. Mobile Friendly Commerce

The best and probably the most significant edge giving feature Magento has at the moment is its mobile friendly platform. To explain it further, a magento based website when viewed on mobile can display the full product catalogue of the desktop version without any compromises. Although, there is an excellent Magento ecommerce mobile app design solution in existence the value of mobile version of website hasn’t diminished. Therefore, magento offers mobile HTML5 technology for development of a full-fledged storefront that is completely optimized for mobile viewing. Hence, it supports all primary mobile platforms like iOS and Android. The no compromise measure extends to supporting videos and sounds as well which it does fully well on mobile versions.

  1. Order Management

Order management can be a chore, especially if the system is clunky and unyielding. Magento’s in-built order management system makes viewing, confirming, editing, and even fulfilling orders a breeze, i.e. directly from the admin panel. The call center support is fully integrated. You can even create more than one invoice, credit memos per order and also print them along with shipping labels and packing slips.  

  1. Complete Site Management

Complete site management feature of Magento enables the admin to manage and control several websites but only requiring a single one-time installation. The admin panel can decide which information is to be shared. The templates are fully customizable and can be altered according to will. It also has support for several currencies as well as languages. It features the captcha enabled website in its repertoire. There is also support for third party plug in integration thus further increasing the flexibility of the platform.

  1. Checkout, Shipping, and Payment

To overcome the problem of high cart abandonment rate in ecommerce, Magento has incorporated payment methods covering every major payment avenue while also making the checkout process far more streamlined and swift. It has introduced one-page checkout, shipping to multiple addresses in one order. It has formed deals with paypal and to integrate the most popular online payment methods into the ecommerce portal


Magento has great potential outcomes and has made the shopping spree a greater, worldwide and adjustable stage. Magento is an eCommerce content administration system stage that is up to date with the most recent design patterns, SEO positioning elements, online store needs, and security highlights. With its capacity to deal with a huge demand, Magento can work with vast scale shopping stages. There are a several advantages of Magento eCommerce stage in the realm of web based shopping.

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