5 Tips to Choosing a Fast Web Host in Canada

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Every website must be hosted on a server for it to remain available throughout. In fact, failing to host your website is bad for your business. Even if you market your website aggressively, internet users will not be able to find it. You must therefore select a web hosting company that will maintain the availability of your website. However, you have to be careful when hunting for a fast web host in Canada. This is because some of them offer substandard services that end up hurting your business. Below are some tips that can help you make a decision that’s free from any regrets.

  1. Local Web Host Company          

Although web hosting services are not limited by distance, it’s important you select a company that is based within Canada. The advantage of contracting such a company is that they have their servers in Canada, which in return guarantees minimum downtimes. When a web hosting company is carrying routine maintenance, your website will experience a series of downtimes. Such downtimes can last for many hours when the servers are based in an overseas country. When the servers are down for maintenance, your customers will not be able to access your website. The good thing about local web hosting companies is that they will alert you in advance so you can also notify your customers.

  1. Compare Notes with Friends

Nowadays almost everyone has a website. It should therefore be easy for you to find a fast hosting service. You should actually ask your friends about the quality of service that they get from their web host company. You can also ask for referrals on social networks. By the rule of thumb, you should avoid any company that’s not top rated. Online reviews are also known to be rich in insights. This is they are written by real people that have already tried a specific hosting company. You can check mangomattermedia.com to get an overview of the most reliable web hosting companies.

  1. Customer Support

If you really hate downtimes, you should narrow down to a company that can tend to your needs any time, any day. Just so you may know, technical problems come around when you least expect them. And they can be a huge challenge to crack for those who own several sub domain names. You should therefore select a company that doesn’t hesitate in solving such problems. Remember, when your visitors experience such hitches, they will definitely bounce away and land on your rival’s website. According to Top5Hosting some of the customer reviews on different sites are not authentic so make sure you check independent channels like Reddit or Twitter.

  1. Security

You should never take chances with the data that’s available on your website. Tens of websites get hacked everyday. There are criminals out there that will try to break into your website without getting noticed. That’s why you should select a web hosting service that can guarantee maximum security. This means that the company should guard your website against virus attacks and prevent unauthorized access of their data center.

  1. Disk Space

This is actually what determines the content and plug ins that can be accommodated by your website. If you have an online store, it’s recommended you take a package that comes with sufficient storage space, which will make it easier for you to add apps. There are some companies that offer unlimited disk space. The good thing is that you can always free most of the storage space by storing some of your data in the cloud.

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