Top Promotional Items to Give Away at a Conference

Items to Give Away at a Conference 2020-Negosentro

Negosentro|Top Promotional Items to Give Away at a Conference|Conferences may seem like events that take up time in anyone’s life, but the best part is looking into the variety of items put out at booths. They have plenty of different ideas in mind, with some feeling more personalized and others feeling more evergreen in general. While the ideas seem massive in quantity, it’s best to dial back and take a look at a few items worth giving away at any conference.

1. Personalized Koozies 

While conferences may not take place in the outdoors during the summer, it’s always nice to have personalized koozies that could keep your hand from getting cold as it wraps around a soda or beer can. From labels containing words of encouragement, color combos or patterns, or labels found from the company the conference took place in, personalized koozies may seem like a promotional item that lacks context at a first glance, but it all makes sense once it covers up a soda can.

2. Water Bottles 

These could have custom labels to fit in with the event or have no labels (depending on what you’re going for). Either way, water bottles are pretty neat to give out because they make for convenient ways to bring drinks from the home and without going having to pay for a drink.

3. Snacks 

Candies, chips, pretzels, cookies, whatever the snacks are, you can give out ones bought from the store or even make your own. Be sure to use small bags to make them look more professional, and don’t forget to think of the number of people that would be present at the conference!

4. Phone Accessories 

Given how phones are taking by 99% of the world’s population, it might be a good idea to expand the accessory count of their own personal smartphones. Chargers, be it mobile or with wires, are a huge necessity among people on the go. Popsockets could be needed by some people wanting to display their phones without propping them on something else. Cases are especially helpful in preventing exterior damage. Just be sure to have accessories that fit specific devices or are user-friendly.

5. Bags 

Storing items can only be done with bags, whether you’re a runner taking a drink, extra shoes, or a towel with you or are a student taking some notebooks, utensils, and a calculator. In the case of bags given out from conferences, they make for a nice convenience with keeping any larger devices, books, and small snacks together, because pockets probably won’t be big enough to store them.

6. Gift Cards 

Why not give anyone attending the conference some nice incentives for paying a visit? Gift cards are perfect for the occasion, as they can be used on a multitude of stores, restaurants, and even spas! They can even have sweet messages personalized by you to fit in with the conference. Whatever the gift cards could be, try not to let them take up too much of your own money. Perhaps they could work if other employees decide to lend a hand with the fund for the gift cards, or they could be seen as raffle prizes.

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