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Image source: | Top 10 Tools to Make Business Processes Smooth | For every activity a business conducts, there is a process that must be followed. Whether it’s resolving a customer complaint, reaching out to a new client, generating a report or anything really, there is a process for it. It may be formal or informal, but there is one and it’s important that it be followed. 

Processes ensure that the errors are minimized and work is not delayed, among other things. Then again some processes can be inefficient and end up creating chaos at the office, leaving employees and customers alike unhappy and dissatisfied. Nobody wants that and this is why you should consider adopting technological solutions.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 popular tools that make business processes flow smoothly. You might already be using some, while some may be new. Either way, you should give them a shot.


Orchestra is a tool that can help you automate, run and optimize each one of your daily tasks. The drop and drag platform are code-free, making it easy to use. You can customize workflows according to your needs. You can track work in real-time, stay on top of what needs to be done and when. You can collaborate with teams and get insights on bottlenecks and process anomalies through reports and charts. The accountability, transparency, and compliance make it a great addition to any office.


Another great Business Process Management (BPM) out there is Bitrix24. If you’re looking for an affordable option for your office, this is it. It gives you a set of standard business processes that don’t require setup. Creating a leave request, business trips or expense lists couldn’t be easier. Based on your company structure, these processes can be tweaked and customized with ease. Allowing communication between teams to flow seamlessly, it facilitates management of projects and ensures all team members are up-to-date.


If you’re a small or medium-sized firm, Netsuite is the ideal tool for you. It is known for making back-office processes more efficient. You can accelerate your business cycles and improve data reliability which will enable you to provide a higher standard of services to your customers and partners. 

With this, you’ll have major business metrics at your fingertips allowing you to make faster and better decisions. It also integrates accounting and ERO flawlessly with e-commerce applications and customer-facing CRM enabling you to run the entire enterprise using one system.


If you’re looking for the ultimate tool for managing teams, Wrike is a great option to consider. It supports all the teams and departments in a firm and helps them manage projects effectively. You can customize the workflow depending on the requirement of your teams and projects. Say goodbye to delays and bottlenecks. Next time there is no progress, you can track where the issue lies and get work back on track.

Express Invoice

For invoicing needs, Express Invoice tops the list. The easy to use platform lets you create, manage and track all your invoices, quotes and orders. It is compatible with Mac and Windows so no matter which system you use the software will give work just as well. You can send invoices to clients by email, mail or fax.

The reporting feature allows you to keep on top of your payments as well as the sales team’s performance and unpaid accounts among other things. It supports various tax rates so no matter what type of business you have, this feature will be applicable. The best part, it has secure mobile access to iPhone and Android devices so you can take it on the go.


This BPM software uses cloud storage to run and thus, allows a business to constantly monitor large amounts of work. It also helps automate repetitive tasks through a simple code, saving a lot of time and making the processes faster. The feature that sets it apart is the drag and drop interface which gives users access to all the data, past and present. Managing tasks, time and deadlines is a piece of cake with this tool. Other features it includes are Data Mapping, Process Mapping, Process Analysis, Process Capture, Lifecycle Management, and Process Change Tracking among others.

Using a cloud storage based software can be risky if you don’t have a high-speed internet connection. So before you invest in a tool, first buy the internet you need. For this, you might want to give Spectrum Customer Support a call. They have great offers for home and businesses alike.


Rated the number 1 digital workplace software, Kissflow lets you manage all your work in one place. It helps users discover, create and modify business applications as they use them. Its defining feature is how it facilitates the not-so-tech-savvy people out there. Requiring no coding or complex mapping, the intuitive visual designer is a powerful reporting too with advance analytics capabilities that give you useful insights as it improves process efficiency.

Process Street

This tool offers a simple interface and is easy to get started on. It is great for creating databases for both internal and public courses. The interface is responsive and works well on phones and tablets even without an app. It’s known for the regular release of new features and updates which means it only gets better. It is the dream of a small business owner. 


Laserfiche accelerates business output by eliminating manual processes and automating repetitive tasks. Pioneer of the paperless office, it is the leading brand when it comes to business process automation and intelligent content management. The software has only grown since it was first launched and is innovating with machine learning, AI and cloud.


Another no-code business application, Kintone allows non-technical users to create powerful apps, databases and workflows for their teams. It allows businesses to automate business processes, work together on projects, and its quick reporting on complex data makes workflow smoother and faster. To start off, you get multiple pre-built apps for things like project management, CRM and inventory management.


Finding the right tool for your business can be hard. Every business is different and has different requirements. The list offers only a glimpse into the vast, rich options there are. We hope you found this list informative. Let us know if you’ve used them and if you had a good experience. We’d love to hear from you.



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