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96 percent of clients who seek legal services turn to search engines. Out of these, 74 percent will visit a firm to inquire about legal services. It’s also important to note that 62 percent of legal searches don’t search for specific companies—their search looks like this (Top London Divorce Lawyer, DUI Attorney near me, New York criminal lawyer, etc.). These stats have prompted companies to invest highly in digital marketing strategies to improve their online presence. Even more, serious companies are now employing SEO companies for the purposes of driving organic searches from Google.

So, there is no need to rely on old-fashioned advertising techniques—which will only limit you. Embark on a strong SEO strategy—it will take your business to greater profit heights. This lawyer marketing guide is going to take you through the top strategies that will work like magic. Keep reading.

Optimizing Keywords for Attorneys

Besides finding the most appropriate keywords for your site, you need to know how to map them to match the explicit searcher’s intent. This includes mapping your keywords based on your service offering, what clients are looking for, and the profile of your site. Here are the four stages you should use:


This is the stage at which the searcher realizes that he/she has a problem.


At this stage, the searcher is looking to solve his/her problem. He/she is looking to understand the problem better. This is also the stage at which the searchers start seeking fort solutions to their explicit problems.


At this stage, the searcher tends to compare solutions to their problems based on the state of the market.


Here, the buyer is ready to purchase your service offering and perhaps convert to an active buyer.

Optimizing Site Architecture

You also need to optimize your site’s architecture. Doing so will help visitors to navigate easily through your law firm’s website. Plus, optimizing your site’s architecture helps popular search engines to crawl through your website for purposes of indexing it. Site architecture optimization involves organizing and grouping everything in a way that makes it easy for search engines to crawl your pages and index them accordingly.

 Here is how to optimize your site’s architecture:

Images—don’t save your images in the normal form (i.e. IMG_2019-938.jpg). Instead, save them using your keywords. For instance, if you are a car accident lawyer, save your images as (car accident attorney_2019-988.jpg). This will help the search engines to easily crawl your site and index it in the best way possible. Also, ensure that all your images are in the right size. Also, the resolution must be good.


You also need to optimize your videos. Like images, save your videos with relevant keywords. This will help Google to easily index your videos and improve your overall search engine ranking.


Bring creativity to your links. Don’t create redundant links. Include keywords in the links. But don’t overuse them when creating your links. Also, don’t misuse the keywords in the links. For instance, don’t put irrelevant keywords in the links. Look at this example: You are an injury lawyer. You have created a nice-looking website. On the homepage, you include keywords like best injury lawyers. This isn’t the way to do it. The home page link should feature about us law firm. Then the other keywords can go to the service pages.

 Single Service Law Firm SEO

Are you a single service legal firm? Well, it’s important to structure your pages in a way that reflects that you are only practicing one law area. Here is how to structure your website.

Use the exact domain name. Make sure it matches your keywords. For instance, if you are based in London and you offer injury-related legal services, your link should look like this:


 Caution—use this approach if you are sure that you are only going to practice only one area of practice. Otherwise, go for something more general—it will enable you to expand your service offerings in the future. You can have your link look like this:


Service Page Structure

Ensure that your service page structure targets all the segments of your scope of practice. The following examples will help you understand how to structure your service page:


 Also, be sure to use this approach when creating and posing your blogs.

Multi-Service Law Firm SEO

Do you offer different types of legal services? Well, here is how you should structure your page links:

Combine brand names with your keywords. Here is an example to help you understand the page structuring process.

  • or www.Londonlaw firm.

This structuring is better than Plus, it will yield more leads and get you more clients.

Service Page Structure

For those who are offering multiple types of legal services, their URL structure should be designed to reflect their offerings. Here is how they should look:


Multi-Location Law Firm SEO

You are opening your legal firm in other locations. Congratulations. That’s a sign that your business is expanding. But you need to get it right when it comes to page structuring.

Partition the structure based on location

Ensure that each location possesses its own office. Plus, each office must have an independent subsidiary of the main root domain. Look at this example. Your law firm is located in London and has opened offices in the areas of New Jersey, Perth, and Toronto. Your structuring should look like this:


It’s also important to note that you can go creative with about us, contact us, etc. pages. Nobody has limited you. Here is how things will look.


 The Bottom-Line

SEO matters. SEO is the real deal when it comes to marketing different business establishments—including those offering legal services. With SEO, you won’t go wrong when it comes to boosting your company’s online presence. So, act today and get those leads you crave for. SEO is cost-effective and actionable. Plus, if you don’t have the resources and time to roll out an effective SEO strategy, let a reputable SEO agency do it for you.

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