Top 7 eCommerce Trends To Watch Out In 2020

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Image: | Top 7 eCommerce Trends To Watch Out In 2020 | It is 2020, the new year and the new decade where “e” in “eCommerce” is superfluous, which is all about the internet. Now, eCommerce has transcended physical and digital channels as the brands, and the retailers continue to invest more in the digital channel to grow their business. Considering lots of factors like convenience, ease of shopping, etc. people are now turning to focus more on eCommerce. All these factors together emerge from lots of eCommerce new trends in 2020 and continue reading to find some of them. 

  • Mobile shopping is tremendously growing 

The growth of mobile eCommerce is tremendous since 2016 and holds the top place in the eCommerce trends. As per the research, 73% of eCommerce shopping will take place only through mobile phones by the end of 2021. It plays a vital role in improving the eCommerce experience for mobile customers, and it also creates an opportunity for the business to reach the audience with fewer hassles. 

Today, most people use mobile phones to browse things and products to buy online instead of a laptop or desktop. So, it becomes the most trusted medium, and it also makes people more comfortable with mobile devices. In particular, when it comes to millennials and Gen Z, who has grown up with the huge impact of the internet, use the mobile for shopping. 

  • Voice eCommerce gains more attention

 Voice search is one of the eCommerce trends 2020. Research proves that 13% of the US smart speaker owners say that they place an order through the voice assistance even in 2017. This number is expected to rise up to 55% at the end of 2022. The voice shopping is the non-visual experience where the customers can select the products from the eCommerce site just by hearing the voice.

This restricts the hassles of spending more time and reading the things given in the column completely. Just with the help of the voice search option, they can look for the products and know more about it to place the order. The rise of the interest in voice search means that the business will have to provide more customers with comfort to shop their products with ease. So, lots of eCommerce website developments are looking to adopt this trend and make use of it to enhance sales. 

  • Infusion of augmented reality 

Augmented Reality (AR) is the best thing since sliced bread that experiences more adoption in the e-commerce industry. These days, lots of eCommerce platforms are integrating to enhance the buyer experience along with the AR technology. It is the tool that helps the consumers to try or test the homeware or clothes and accessories before they could make the purchasing decision. When it comes to the merchants, it will assist them to have satisfied customers translates to repeated sales and make more profit over it. So, the eCommerce website developments are working more with this new technology. 

  • Social media shopping 

In 2020, social media is turning into a mini search engine where people shopping become more common like liking, sharing, or commenting on the platform. It is found that 55% of the online shoppers purchase the product through the social post of the brand. It is good news for the eCommerce shops as social media is making it easy for storing or selling the products through some embedded links, paid advertisements, and clicking some products in the post. 

Just by including some social links in the eCommerce website design or email communication, they can have this trend and encourage this traditional shopping touchpoint. To enhance it, working and creative posts on social media platforms will be helpful. 

  • Flexible payment modes 

For the eCommerce store that has expensive products, the conversion rate may be low as the consumers view high price tags to be riskier. However, the new eCommerce trends 2020, has made it easy to have some flexibility to have different payment options like e-wallets, credit cards, debit cards, net banking, etc. Most importantly, the eCommerce sites will also offer the best option called refunds when they put back the products. So, the customers can understand the efficiency of the site and place the order at their convenience. 

  • The role of artificial intelligence 

In recent times, Artificial Intelligence is one of the buzzwords that everyone will come across. The global retailers will spend more than $7.3 billion on this technology, and now there is an increase of around $2 billion. It helps the shop to target the customers and personalize their entire customer experience to enhance the overall brand with a competitive advantage. So, what are the areas that technology will help? 

  • It curates and generates the content that is relevant to the user based on the previous order they have placed 
  • Answering all the queries of the participants who love to get some idea on the product from the eCommerce store
  • Delivers high digital experience to advertise to the right products to the right set of audience to have more leads 

So, Artificial Intelligence becomes one of the undeniable trends of eCommerce as of 2020.

  • eCommerce after COVID-19 

One of the vital impacts or trends of ecommerce to have flashlight now is the period after COVID-19. As the people are advised to stay indoors, and the local stores are shut, the online medium is tremendously gaining importance. This is because people can be more comfortable in their homes and have things at the doorstep without any contact. As per the research, eCommerce will be the biggest reason to fight against the virus. So, the penetrating rate, which was just 15%, is now expected to rise to 25% by the end of 2025. The virus also establishes a new eCommerce trend. 

The bottom line 

These are the top eCommerce trends that one can expect with the online shopping industry. There are also still more trends to have here. So, understand what online shopping can offer you can place an order for the things.