Top 7 Customer Support Tools Every Business Owner Should Try


by Anuj, | Without proper customer support tools, clients won’t be able to connect and interact with your business. There are numerous benefits of using a customer support tool and every brand should know about them. The multiple services they can provide to keep the clients satisfied will simplify day-to-day tasks. In addition, this will boost the profit level and bring more efficiency.

Developing a good strategy means creating a plan to implement some of these engaging tricks. In order to make your company grow, business owners must ensure a loyal customer base. This should be a priority; to achieve customers satisfaction that goes beyond the quality of the product.

Nowadays, everything is done online. Fortunately, creating a good reputation and staying in touch with consumers is easier than ever.before So, choose among some of the highly recommended supporting tools suitable for every business owner.

  1. Social Media

According to the conducted research, statistics show that social media is the future of customer support. If you take a look at the figures, 70% of Facebook, 59% of Instagram, 38% of Twitter and around 30% of other social media users log onto their accounts on a daily basis. Most of these actions are done on their smartphone.

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Customer service ideas for businesses

This is why it is crucial to maintain cooperative customer support on various platforms. Having social media presence increases the marketing potential, but most importantly, it helps to build relations with the customers. Being able to respond to their questions and issues in real-time helps to builds better connections and provides new business opportunities.  

  1. Live Chat

The importance of answering the client’s questions immediately could not be stressed enough. Employing live chat will provide a quick and effective solution for customer’s confusions or doubts about a purchase or any other query. But how does it impact a business?

Well, over 56% of people responsible for maintaining live chat answered at least one question about the company. Almost 50 percent of the questions are online shopping related. Therefore, securing live chat support is a great way to help consumers with the purchase and encourage them to continue browsing. Also, giving them information on the go produces a better connection with the business and further recommendations due to the overall convenience.

  1. Mobile App Support

As mentioned above, the use of a smartphone is widely adopted today. Mobile applications have become an integral part of our life. To maintain competitiveness, it is essential for a business to use a customer service mobile app.

If you take a look at the survey, you can see that 38% of its respondents state that the purpose of mobile apps is to improve the customer’s experience. An additional 12% agree upon the value it carries for establishing loyalty and expanding your service beyond the Internet.

A study published in TechCrunch, 53% of Android users search for apps on Google Play and 47% iOS users use the App Store to find their apps. So, the common conclusion is that every 4 out of 5 customers turn to their smartphones for an online purchase. However, before buying the product, they could use a bit of customer service to resolve any questions they may have.

Regarding accessibility, it will be productive to supply the clients with all they need via one click. Mobile support tools provide problem-solving solutions with the first reply as well as some additional info.

  1. Forum Support

Creating a support forum is multi-beneficial. First of all, employees can provide direct customer support. And, secondly, consumers can use the forum to help each other. Similarly to a web page, the forum is a community for solving issues by posting their questions and starting discussions with other users.

Customers are encouraged to ask questions, brainstorm ideas and give all the necessary tips to newcomers. Posts are public and the customer service can moderate the comments and make sure their advices are accurate and friendly.

  1. Ticket Management Software

Moving on with the advantages for both business and clients, consider the corporate ticket management system as a valuable option. Ticket management is designed to overcome the difficulty of dealing with numerous e-mails and the constant struggle to answer them all. Time management is important so using this software can come in handy as it allows better organization. It keeps the customers’ requests sorted and rank them on priority.

Furthermore, ticket management retains and shows the finished work and what is yet to come. The software advantages include quick responseS, improved efficiency, better business performance and customer gratification.

  1. Phone Support

The quickest solution for any issue is customer support over the phone. Although it requires more effort, it allows getting to the core of an issue. As the Forrester research concludes, 73% of consumers use and prefer phone support.

Nevertheless, there many apps in the market for helping business owners integrate phone support. Voice-over-Internet tools work by converting analog voice calls into packets of data. By implementing customer support over the phone, the business will reduce the costs, enhance collaboration, expand productivity and create a deeper relationship with its clientele.

  1. Working Websites

It goes without saying that, in order for a business to flourish, it needs to have a working website. Apart from essential business info, it should provide a working customer support service. The page should be easy to navigate and accessible over mobile phones. Some of the features must include FAQs, where consumers can ask anything related to their purchase or products. Likewise, adding a customer feedback form for specific questions will provide an accurate response.

Summing up

All of the listed customer support tools will secure business growth. It will provide a better insight into the client’s needs and establish long-term relationships. Also, choosing to devote your time to improve support will increase the overall profit and efficiency.

In addition, every tool can be integrated with each other for staying ahead of the competition and resolving any issue along the way. So, if you own a business and want to grow, consider using these tools to improve productivity and build better relations with clients.

Author Bio:

Anuj is a technical author who presently works for ProProfs Chat. He loves to read about the newest technology news and contributes to different industry journals. Apart from reading and writing about technology, he likes to travel and explore new places.

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