Top 5 PCB Manufacturers in China

PCB Manufacturers China

The demand for domestically manufactured PCBS is going to increase at a breakneck pace in the upcoming years. PCB is one of the utmost needs of almost every circuit board that makes it easy to design and manage complicated circuits on it. Depending upon the quality of products being offered in the market, there are several manufacturers in China who holds the tag of successful PCB manufacturers. But if it is so easy to get the most favored ones? Surely Not. To make your searches a little bit easier, we are here going to introduce with top 5 PCB Manufacturers China. Lets’ have a look.

  1. Ray PCB

Well, Ray PCB is another one of the most famous names in the list of top 5 PCB manufacturers of China. Ranging from the type of material used and the size of the PCB included, you can easily find out a wide range of PCB fabrication here and supplying services from reliable sources. It is one of the most trusted names in the PCB market China that is consistently providing high-quality products at quite affordable and competitive pricing in the market. If you want something different, you can also pay your order for fully customized PCB designs as well.

  1. SoonEasy

Moving ahead with the very first name in the list, SoonEasy is one of the most favored manufacturers China, who have earned the trust of millions of people globally by providing a wide range of PCB fabrication to the. The company is well known for offering quick turn prototype with a wide range of PCB fabrication. Coming with one of the most reliable and advanced PCB fabrications and assembly services, the company provides safe and in budget PCB services to the users.

Affordable and competitive pricing, excellent customer services, no additional tooling charge for reorders, function test based on customer’s requirements are some of the most admirable things well glimpsed in the portfolio of the company. SoonEasy offers innovative, cutting edge engineering PCBs in the market that is sure to be an excellent solution for relevant tasks, problems, and technologies.

  1. Golden Triangle Group Ltd

It is another largest PCB prototype enterprise of China that is well known for providing high tech manufacturer services in quick PCB prototype and small batch PCB production services. Being one of the most reliable names in the field, the growth of the company as a PCB supplier is growing at a breakneck pace. The company is well known for mainly constructing and supplying different types of circuit boards along with high quality remarking. Golden Triangle Group Ltd has full-scale PCB manufacturing capabilities, and hence you can easily find a wide range of circuit boards ranging from rigid to flex and combination, metallic core to ceramic and much more. One of the best parts about Golden Triangle Group Ltd is the continuous upgrading they make to meet the trends of fast-growing industry.

  1. Agile Circuit Co. Ltd

Being dedicated to provide best circuit board manufacturing and trade services to the customers Agile Circuit Co. Ltd is one of the most trusted names that have earned the heart of million users with the quality services being offered to them. It is a customer oriented company who specializes in providing quality solutions for an extensive range of custom circuit boards at a very affordable price range. The quality and efficiency of the products are admirable and matches well to the competitive standards. You can easily find out PCBs for a wide range of applications here such as a computer, telecommunication, consumer electronics, industrial control, and medical, aerospace, automotive and for other electronic assembly industries.

  1. PCBajOGO

It is another one of the top 5 PCB Manufacturers of China who offers you a wide range of PCB manufacturing and supplying services. The company owns an experience of 10 years and already has added up millions of happy customers to its list. The company is well known for providing PCB fabrication and assembly and also highly specializes in quick turn PCB prototype and PCB supplies as well. Affordable and competitive pricing is being offered to the customers here to maintain a level of trust and credibility along with them as well.

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