How to Approach New Clients as a Marketing Agency Successfully

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One of the ironies of the marketing industry is that often marketing agencies become so caught up in marketing their clients’ businesses effectively, that they forget to put in the time to effectively market their own business.

Securing new clients and following up on potential leads is a vital part of expanding your marketing business. But how do you go about finding and approaching new clients?

Leverage Existing Clients

Firstly, you will need to identify potential leads. The best way to do this is by using your existing clients. Get your satisfied existing clients to put you in contact with other companies they work closely with. Implore them to recommend your agency and offer incentives so that they follow through with it.

Promote Yourself

Spend some time working on your agency’s marketing strategy. This should include strengthening your website’s relationship with search engines to ensure you appear near the top of any search result containing keywords related to marketing.

Include a sign-up form on your site’s landing page. This will get people visiting your site to enter their contact details (you can use the offer of an exclusive piece of content or an e-book to encourage users to sign up). Once you have their contact details, you can approach them with a marketing proposal.

Partner Up

Forging a partnership with a non-competitive business is also a good way to generate leads. You can refer clients to them, and they can refer clients to you for a mutually beneficial arrangement.

It is also possible to build a partnership with another marketing agency. Some large agencies are willing to refer smaller jobs to smaller advertising agencies. It is worth exploring any opportunity to partner up with another business.

Approaching Potential Clients

Once you have identified a handful of potential clients, either through existing clients, or through sign-up forms on your website, you can reach out to them with a marketing proposal to attempt to secure their business. Use a marketing proposal template to demonstrate the services your agency can provide. The best example of a marketing proposal template will stand out from the crowd with embedded tweets, videos, and interactive quotes.

Offer Discounts for First-Time Clients

Many advertising agencies offer low-cost services to new clients. This gives prospective clients the opportunity to sample your work without making a large financial commitment. Once they see that you know your industry and can make them money, they will likely come back for more.

Also, getting clients on board with an introductory offer allows you to learn more about their specific marketing needs. This information can be used later in targeted advertising campaigns, increasing the likelihood that they will become long-term clients at a later date.

Getting more clients isn’t always simple. However, spending some time each week dedicated to generating and following up on leads will ensure that your business is not stagnating, and you are continuously building your brand building a larger customer base, and ultimately, generating additional revenue.

There is always a pool of clients that needs your services. It is just about finding them and approaching them in the right way.

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