Top 5 Best Video Conferencing Services for Online Conferences and Trainings

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Kyla Nievera, NegosentroThe popularization of the Internet and the improvement of its structure allow many companies to save money by using their resources intelligently. This is the case in the conference and training market, which can help your company have its costs reduced. Get to know our selection of five video conferencing services to increase the productivity of your team, to exchange knowledge and ideas more easily through the web.

Free and paid video conferencingservices are part of this segment, ranging from informal chats between teams, employees or friends to truly professional solutions with capabilities focused on performance and knowledge exchange.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is one of the most popular and best video conferencing services that allows you to host or join online video meetings on the Internet effortlessly. It reduces the restrictions between you, partners, customers, colleagues and others wherever they’re located. You can make virtual communication and make collaborations with them over the Internet.

This video conferencing service provides you with lots of awesome features, like high-definition video and high-fidelity audio, online interactive whiteboard sharing, desktop screen, meeting scheduling, meeting recording, instant messaging. All of these features contribute to making online communication and collaboration much more productive and efficient.

Google Hangouts

The coolest video conferencing service of the moment is the Google Hangout. With it, you can conduct video conversations with up to 10 people and the most fun: broadcast live chat on YouTube. In addition, the entire conversation is available for consultation within the company channel or the chat organizer.


One of the world’s most comprehensive video conferencing call services is CiscoWebex. In addition to online meetings between teams in different places, it can still be used to hold press conferences, presentations, product demonstrations and more. For those who need truly personalized services and have bandwidth demands and simultaneous access, Webex is essential.


For those looking for more video conferencing services to host online meetings or team training, GoToMeeting is a great option. In addition to the flagship of the company, the Citrix company still offers more options for those who demand more features and services. The GoToWebinar and GoToTraining options “give a bath” of tools even for the most demanding. With package prices ranging from $ 49 a month to $ 1,428 a year, your company will be well-served when it comes to communicating with small groups of up to 25 members.


As one of the most popular VoIP messaging and video conferencing services in the world, Skype can be used for conferences and training. Its screen sharing capabilities and multi-party meetings allow you and your contacts to chat without paying anything. Without a doubt, for quick dialogs and exchange of information, it is one of the most used and indicated services.

With these video conferencing services, your company will be able to reduce many travel costs and exchange content and knowledge more quickly and efficiently. From free solutions to the most sophisticated, the choice of services depends on your goal and budget. However, inserting resources for online conferences is something that must be present in the company’s planning.