4 Cool Technologies That You Didn’t Know Existed

Cool Technologies

Henry Copper, NegosentroWhile much is said about technology not always being used for good, we do tend to take tech gear for granted. While the latest gadgets or apps are sometimes difficult to understand easily, we enjoy the use of many technologies that we don’t even think about today.

Some of the best inventions are still to come, but here we cover a few cool ones currently in use.


Do you find the latest password manager a little bit difficult to manage? Apps like LastPass are supposed to make surfing the web safer and easier, but even the people behind this company have been hacked. Enter Everykey.

Everykey is a Bluetooth device that fits in your pocket. It will unlock your car door or front door (when using smart locks), access your smartphone or tablet, or give your laptop a run for its money. You see, it holds all your passwords securely using military-grade encryption. It works by proximity to your device and what you’re doing on the device. Look up a website and it will know you’re doing it and gain access to the site for you. Secure login details are part of its bag of tricks too. And should you lose the Bluetooth device, it’s possible to freeze access remotely.

Designer Digital Bracelet

Not to be outdone by the likes of Samsung and their flexible smartphone displays, Lenovo is taking it to the next level. The China-based company is putting the finishing touches to a digital display that fits along your wrist. Dubbed the earliest truly flexible phone, the device is made from graphene to make it both thin and flexible. Now you can take your shopping list on your arm with you and just cross off items from the list once you’re done. Neat!

Free-throw with a 360-degree Camera

A webcam with a wide-angle lens is not enough. Nor is a waterproof action camera. The Panono has other ideas. It’s a spherical ball capable of producing 360-degree, 108-megapixel panoramic images. The product is shaped like a ball and capable of being thrown around as one. We don’t recommend playing baseball with it, but a light game of catch might be survivable. Catch the view from all around as the flying camera travels through the air. It gives drone video clips a whole new perspective wouldn’t you say?

Making Hollow Shapes with Plastic & Glass

We’re being a bit coy with our heading there. The process of blow molding is a high-tech manufacturing one where plastic or glass is taken and made into hollow bottles. These can be used for anything from a bottling plant to air tight packaging. There are four types of process possible, with specialized blow molding machines used to complete the task. So, the next time you buy a bottle of Coca Cola and wonder how they get the bottle to be the same shape every time, you’ll have some idea what the technology behind that little marvel actually is.

It’s an exciting time to be alive. While we still use plenty of older technologies today, these are often upgraded with new ideas. Newer technologies create constant innovation in manufacturing and deliver many of the gadgets enjoyed by consumers today.