Top 10 Tips on Being Presentable for Sales

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Trevor Franzia, Negosentro |  Top 10 Tips on Being Presentable for Sales | Sales is one of the core principles of every business. While this word is closely associated with money, this aspect of business is much more complex and integral. In fact, the Oxford College of Marketing refers to sales as the bridge that serves the gap between a customer’s specific needs and the solutions provided by the company’s services or products. This definition extends sales beyond simply the production of revenue and incorporates the development of a customer-company relationship that serves both sides of the aisle. Keeping that in mind, sales involves a lot of face-to-face interaction. Here are 10 tips on being presentable for sales.

  1. Good breath

Preparing a good speech and accurate numbers may distract an individual from a simple yet critical component to a good sale: good breath. Even the best presentation can be offset by bad breath. This can create an unnecessary distraction threatening to derail any possible progress. With that in mind, sales individuals are recommended to keep a source of breath-refreshers nearby. This can come in the form of gum, breath mints or even some minty vape juices and eliquids.

  1. Rehearse the Pitch

A lot of sales involves a good pitch, or speech. Unfortunately, companies often only have one opportunity to make a good sale. In order to ensure the opportunity is not lost or wasted, it is important that the sales pitch is rehearsed. The old adage that practice makes perfect couldn’t be more important in this scenario.

  1. Dress the Part

It can be helpful to approach a sales-pitch like an interview. One of the most important parts is to dress accordingly. Our appearance is a crucial component to any business ordeal. Arguably, sales is one of the most important of these business situations. For this reason, you should always dress for success.

  1. Avoid Bad Odors

Another critical component related to being presentable for sales is the avoidance of pungent odors. Similar to bad breath, a bad smell can put even a great sales presentation at risk. Heavy perfumes, body odor, alcohol and smelly foods as all things to avoid before a presentation.

  1. New Haircut

A new haircut can be a great way to look presentable for a sales pitch. A new haircut exudes cleanliness, showing that an individual takes pride in their appearance. However, it is important to get a haircut a few days before an interview to make the appearance look more natural than planned.

  1. Posture

While a million thoughts may be racing through your mind during a sales presentation, it can be easy to let nerves impact posture. This could result in fidgeting, lowering of the shoulders or obsessive head nodding. In order to avoid this issue, proper posture should be practiced during rehearsal of the sales pitch. Standing tall and still shows confidence and presence.

  1. Eye-contact

Eye-contact is an essential component to being presentable as it establishes a connection between the presenter and the audience. Without establishing this connection, the audience may get lost during the presentation. Maintaining eye-contact ensures that engagement is increased.

  1. Smile

One potential turn-off during a sales presentation is a lack of charisma. Again, sales is about developing a relationship between customer and company. This involves a friendly and open engagement from the sales team. Smiling is a great way to break the ice and make potential customers feel at ease.

  1. Prepare Answers

Even the best and well-rehearsed sales presentations will be met with questions. An unprepared response can make any sales representative look unpresentable. Practicing answering potential questions with a colleague can be a great way to prepare. This ensures that the responses will be clear and well developed.

  1. Relax

Nerves get the best of many of us during sales presentations or meetings. The weight of the moment can be enough to break even the best presenters. Unfortunately, nerves often manifest themselves in our posture, speech and behavior overall. Taking a moment to relax before a presentation can be a great way to restore confidence and increase the presentation overall.

Sales is a core component to the development of any successful business, both large and small. In order to ensure productive and recurring sales, individuals must be presentable for sales meetings, pitches and presentations. These 10 tips are a few great ways to ensure a presentable appearance.

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