Tips To Jazz Up Your Workspace Decor To Increase Your Productivity

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If you are working in an office, chances are that you might be having your own personal cabin or room. Most of us avoid or do not feel the need to decorate or add a personal touch to our cabin. After all, if we decorate our room according to our choices and let it reflect our personality, why not our office cabins? It is an important part of our daily lives since we spend the maximum hours of the day in our office cabins only. So it is a good option if you add a personal or quirky touch to your workspace decor. It will help to uplift your mood every time you look at it and also reflect your personality and taste.

So you can add quirky decorations and add-ons to your workspace, such as desk, walls, etc, which will uplift your spirits even during dull days and create a positive aura in your workspace. It will also provide us with inspiration which is much needed while doing any work at the office. So go ahead and add a personal touch to your workspace by incorporating these creative ideas :

  • Keep a pot of plant at your work desk. It not only beautifies your workspace but also helps to increase your productivity. Reports suggest that people who keep plants at their workspace are 15% more productive. Bring in plant varieties which are low maintenance and require less sunlight.
  • Paint the walls of your workspace with your favourite colours. This will help to boost your mood whenever you feel low and also reflect your personality.
  • Make sure that your cabin is well-lit and ventilated. These play a great role in your well-being and increasing your productivity. So you can change the lighting patterns of your desk and add bright lights in quirky designs.
  • Keep a bookshelf in your cabin. It will help you to keep any books you might want to read in an organized manner and instil the habit of reading books in free time. It will also beautify your room and add a personal touch to it.
  • You can add any photo frame in your cabin wall with the photo of any person close to you or who inspires you. This will instantly cut the monotony of your room and keep you motivated throughout the day whenever you look at it.
  • Keep your desk neat and don’t clutter it with unnecessary items. You can keep a cabinet with drawers to segregate different items such as stationary, folders, books, etc. at different places. This will make your desk look neat and increase your workspace productivity.
  • Keep a monthly printable calendar at your desk. For example, if it is the month of May, you can keep a May Holiday Calendar at your desk where you can look at it easily. This will greatly help you to track important dates and also note down important reminders as and when you get to know about them.

So you can implement these tips to make your workspace a bit more interesting and cut the monotony of your cabin. Our office and our workspace is our home away from our home so we should feel inspired by it rather than feeling uninspired or dull in it. These small changes will go a long way in increasing your workplace productivity and feel motivated at your workplace. The basic thing which you can do is to keep your desk organized and declutter it. For that, you can just keep the basic necessities like a notebook, desktop, lamp, pen stand, water bottle, some quick snacks (if required). You can file or store the rest of the things in an organized manner in drawers or cabinets.

So choose the colour combination and furniture of your cabin which you are comfortable with and which will motivate you. Trust me, it is these small changes in your cabin which will make all the difference and keep your mind in a happy and creative space throughout your office hours.

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