Tips to Remember While Buying a Gantry Crane for Sale


Joe Louis, Negosentro |  Buying a gantry crane is not a matter of joke. There are many things that need to be considered before buying the same. Generally used in businesses that involve small or large machinery, a lot of organizations offer gantry crane for sale.

Types of gantry crane

There are mainly two types of gantry crane that we often come across, the single and the double gantry crane. The double gantry crane is nothing special but as the name suggests it can carry more amount of weight. The overhead beam provided can give twice the support resulting in double amount of weight to be lifted by the crane. So, whether you need a single or a double gantry crane completely depends upon the purpose of use. The most suitable, cost effective and appropriate product that suits your requirement is the one to opt for.

Things to be taken into consideration while purchasing gantry crane for sale


One of the most important factors that one needs to consider before investing in the gantry crane is the design of the product that the organization is purchasing. This includes the fact that how the load will be carried and transferred by the crane. For that you need to calculate the amount of load that you required to carry and the amount of load the crane may carry in a day. You should invest on this once the factors are properly clear to you.

Future prospect

The use of gantry crane eases our work and saves a lot of time. It is essential to think about the long-term prospect while purchasing. Gantry crane are costly, and it goes without saying that you will not prefer buying one in every two or three years. Thus, you require a crane that lasts longer and gives you the desired and accurate performance.


Another crucial factor that you need to consider is the travel distance that you want your crane to cover. This feature is important as it is because you need to check the speed of the crane to match with the distance that is required to cover for daily purpose.

Type of Motor

This is another vital subject in the gantry crane that needs to be verified properly. It is the motor. Motor holds a very important part in the whole design. Weigh on the different types of motors available along with their ratings. Remember that a good crane is nothing without a good motor.


To build a solid gantry, crane a large amount of steel is used. More the steel used, heavier is the gantry crane. But increasing the amount of steel is not cost effective. There are certain changes that you can consider in the design to make the purchase affordable. It is very important to keep in mind that heavy duty cranes generally need a lot of maintenance.

Market Search

Conduct a thorough survey about the different products available in the market along with the different organizations selling them. It is very important to research about the company from whom you are planning to buy the crane. If you are buying a second-hand product from the different proprietors listed on gantry crane for sale, make sure that you examine all the parts of the product specifically to avoid being cheated.

The above factors can be considered before buying a gantry crane. Buying it from the gantry crane for sale will not be easy but the above given facts may make your job convenient.

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