Pet-Friendly Flooring – Scratch, scuff, noise-resistant flooring


Arkshay M, Negosentro |  Flooring is an important aspect that must always be considered if you’re buying a new home or renovating one. However, when it comes to pet owners, the decision of flooring just becomes all the more critical. It is natural that your furry friends would definitely cause more than just a few scratches, scuff marks, stains and wear & tear on the flooring. This is precisely why the selection of flooring becomes a crucial aspect of any home with a pet in it. In this case, you must use pet-friendly that is easy to clean and maintain in the long run, without posing too many problems for you.

Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Pet-Friendly Flooring

Irrespective of the pet-friendly flooring you go for, you must always look for the following four features in your preferred choice:

  • Durable and hassle-free to clean
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Resistant to spills and dirt
  • Comfortable for the pet
  • Low-allergen surface to keep harmful allergies away

Let’s now delve deeper into the different types of pet-friendly flooring that will be ideal for your furry friend!


  • Flooring made up of tiles and stones

Tiles and stones are probably the perfect options you can go for when considering the best pet-friendly flooring. It has the quality to withstand heavy wear & tear, scuff marks, scratches,etc. that come as a part & parcel of having a pet. Moreover, these marks are not as evident as in the other kinds of flooring. If this were not enough, they are also resistant to stains, water and you can clean them in a jiffy without aheadache. If you own a puppy or a small cat that is still undergoing toilet training, you might want to ease up your burden and choose something as hassle-free as tiles and stones.


  • Flooring made up of cork


The best thing about opting for cork flooring is that it suits pets of all ages and types. In resemblance, it is similar to a hardwood floor and has scratch-resistant properties in addition to being microbial-resistant. This makes this type of flooring ideal for pet owners as the house then becomes less prone to contracting harmful allergies. It also avoids the growth of mold, bacteria and other kinds of microbes that is quite prevalent in a house with pets. Another significant feature of cork flooring is that it is sound-resistant that maintains the peace and calm of your house even if you have an extra naughty pet.


  • Flooring made up of bamboo


Just like cork flooring, bamboo flooring also presents a lot of advantages to pet owners whilst considering appropriate pet-friendly flooring. It also lends a natural wooden look to the house that intrigues pets. When it comes to durability, it tops the charts again. Being extremely resistant to all kinds of scratches and stains, it has a long life that makes the work of pet owners close to negligible. In addition to that, bamboo flooring just lifts the aesthetic quotient of your house and gives it a quaint yet contemporary look.


  • Flooring made up of vinyl


If you choose to go the vinyl way, you will again be doing yourself a massive favor when you factor in challenges faced by pet owners to keep the flooring spotless. Along with being budget-friendly, it gives an elegant look to any room and resembles a hardwood or tile flooring. Furthermore, it is super easy to maintain and has a long life. So, as a pet owner, you can totally go for flooring made up of vinyl to keep your pet and pocket happy.

To conclude, we can say that it is not a difficult task to install the right kind of flooring at your new house considering your pet’s needs in mind. As long as you take care of all the points mentioned above, you will be successful in choosing the right one for yourself and your pet. The various options that are given here touch upon all importantaspects including budget, aesthetics, maintenance, durability,and longevity. All things considered, choosing any one of these options would definitely stand you in good stead!

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