Tips for Creating the Ultimate Break Room for Your Employees

Employee Turnover

Emma Joyce, Negosentro |  Giving your employees a chance to make a living, upgrade their skills and earn their promotion every once in a while are the traits of a good employer. However, a workplace isn’t just about the work and there are lots of other things you need to take into consideration: from providing them a pleasant atmosphere in their offices to achieving a calming vibe that will help them be productive. A creative and inspiring break room is one of these things, and you wouldn’t believe the positive effect it can have on your employees – this is the space where they can take a step back, relax for a while, think about their tasks and make plans for the future. This is also where they interact, bond and form stronger relationships, so the benefits of a proper break room numerous. Therefore, if you too want to give your employees such a space, here are a few tips on creating the ultimate break room everyone will love.

Enough space

This is probably the most important thing when it comes to creating an amazing break room – making sure it’s spacious enough. Cramming all your employees into a small room will make no sense in the long run because they won’t have enough maneuvering space or feel comfortable. Therefore, provide them with a break room big enough to accommodate at least 75% of your workforce at the same time and choose bigger spaces if you’re running a bigger company. The rule of thumb also says your break room should be big enough for all of the essentials – a mini kitchen with necessary appliances, a vending machine and lots of storage space.

Give people their coffee

Coffee became the most popular drink in the world a long time ago, but it seems that the habit of drinking it every single day is becoming increasingly popular year after year. Besides being a great way to wake up, coffee is also an amazing conversation starter and a drink your employees will bond over, so planning a break room without a coffee machine is literally a crime against humanity. You don’t need to purchase the newest model nor hire an in-house barista, but give the people what they need, and they’ll be happy to do whatever you say. Of course, spicing things up and adding a tea kettle and a cappuccino machine for all those who prefer something extra special is never a bad idea, just for the sake of diversity.

Comfy sofas

A comfy sofa is another essential piece of furniture every break room needs and a spot that can easily become the focal point of the entire space. Unfortunately, not all executives understand why proper furniture is so important for the employees who just wish to take a step back and rest for a while. Taking mini-breaks can reset their minds and help them refocus on their work, while a 15-minute nap can sometimes turn tired employees into someone who’s willing to give it another shot and do their best for a few more hours. For people who work quite hard, rest is of the utmost importance, and employers should provide their workers with lots of it. This is why more and more companies in Australia, for instance, are looking into comfortable lounge suites in Sydney as a way to ensure their workers are always rested and bringing their A game.

A cooking/eating area

Lots of break rooms have a mini fridge or a pantry where employees can leave their lunch, but not all of them are equipped with a proper kitchen for all those cooking aficionados who don’t mind spending their breaks preparing a healthy meal. The truth is that not all companies have lots of people who feel this way, but you might as well make a small area for preparing food even for those three employees who really love cooking, and they’ll be happy to share their lunch with you.

Fun activities

What’s the point of taking a break if you’re not going to do anything fun during it? That’s why your break room needs to include a couple of interesting and intriguing activities, such a pinball machine, a video game console or a foosball table. Some executives won’t be too happy about this idea in the beginning and will require some persuasion, but this is important for your employees and their productivity, so think outside the box for a while and give them something fun to do.

If you don’t invest some time and energy into designing a proper break room, nobody is going to want to spend time there. It will remain sad and lonely and eventually be transformed into a new office, so turn some of the aforementioned ideas into reality and you’ll be one step closer to being named the Employer of the Year.

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