Tips On Becoming A Top Staffer In Your Company

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Nicole Ferrel, Negosentro | Most employees want to be the best and excel in their jobs. Becoming a good employee in your company and excelling at work involves more than doing well what you do. To be an effective employee involves matters such as attitude, teamwork, and overall professionalism. The thrust of this article is helping you become a top staffer in your company.

Tips On Becoming A Top Staffer In Your Company

Becoming a successful employee is comparable to handling a sole proprietorship with limited and low-risk customers. You only listen to the concerns of your leadership and address want they want to achieve. Eventually, you learn and prepare yourself to accomplish the demanded tasks. Here are six tips that are doable and can make you become a top staffer in your company.

  • Act Professionally

Your workplace, may it be a business establishment, hospital, retail outlet, or government department, is not a playground. Not unless you are a playground supervisor. Your co-workers will know the difference between an employee who is pleasing to work with and someone who is fooling around at work.

  • Good personality: Being a fun staffer entails great personality, featuring appropriate side jokes, and smiles. However, fooling around presents inappropriate behavior such as frequent off-tasks, wasting your time and other employees, and repeatedly seen standing in others’ workspace instead of yours.
  • Stay in your area: Behave professionally by staying at your work area, focusing on your tasks, and not disturbing other employees with unnecessary conversations.
  • Accept Criticism With Grace

Accepting criticism gives you helpful ideas on what co-workers expect from you. It also lets you know your areas for improvement, and what you need to address or improve first.

  • Calm your emotions before talking to them: If a coworker or boss criticizes your work that hurts, frustrates, or infuriates you, then calm yourself first. Once you’ve cooled down, approach them and tell them how you felt.
  • Let them know you can change: Likewise, inform them that you are willing to fix your issues and allow them to discuss with you what needs to be improved.
  • Establish good relationships

Your co-workers are experts in their respective departments. Treat everyone in the organization with respect, courtesy, and kindness. This attitude is powerful and can set your reputation which matters to them. Avoid going out with other co-workers or employees who disrespect, mistreat and deliver gossips to others.

  • Maintain An Outstanding Job Performance Record

Maintain a good attendance, show up on time and do a good job. You would know that others who no longer work in the company often have underlying circumstances that resulted in their termination. These circumstances could be missed deadlines, frequent absences, reprimanded for bad behavior, or too much client complaints.

  • Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Refrain from complaining about what is wrong. Instead, be vocal about what is right.

  • Be part of the solution: A positive attitude impresses a lot of supervisors. When you approach them with a problem, make sure you carry a suggestion for a solution. Even if your manager does not agree with you, it leaves you an image of the problem-solver than a complainer.
  • Do Not Drag Your Feet

This is meant to be taken literally. Lift your feet, walk proudly, and get to work.

  • Procrastination is the worst habit: Never let your tasks drag you until the deadline and get your pending tasks are done in a rushed manner. Avoid procrastination because late projects will make your manager crazy.
  • Get your act together: Build a reputation of doing and submitting tasks on time, more so than the majority of other employees. Your productivity will impress your employer.


Aiming to become a top staffer and impressing your employer is not about kissing up. You will grow as a professional when your goal is making your manager, the team, and the company more successful than yourself.

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