Brand Advertising: How You Can Take It To The Next Level

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Stan, Negosentro | One sure way of guaranteeing your brand’s success is by creating a form of brand awareness for your target market. Both branding and advertising are different aspects that both lead to different results and goals but are formulated for only one reason—for your business to succeed.

That is why brand advertising is one of the most crucial aspects if you want to spark engagement between your brand and your target market. To explore more on that, we have come up with four steps to guide you on how you can take your brand advertising to the next level so you can watch your business grow:

Connect with your target via social media

These days, we can be closer to our customers now more than ever, thanks to social media. These simple apps that you can easily download on your phone should not be taken for granted. People are on their phones most of the time and it’s a great opportunity to use as a platform to catch their attention and spread brand awareness. Here are two ways that you can maximize that opportunity:

  • Experiment with video marketing – video marketing has certainly changed the game in the advertisement industry. With people having short attention spans, the challenge is for a brand to produce creative and relevant videos that only last for just mere seconds.
  • Engage with your community – people love to engage in social media and they will patronize a brand more once they see that it actually makes an effort of reaching out to its target audience. As simple as answering their query in the comments section, this type of engagement can create a huge impact. It is also through engagement where you can see their suggestions and concerns and utilize it as a tool where you take in those pieces of advice and improve your brand.

Collaborate with popular influencers

Influencers are on every form of social media platform where it makes it easier for them to connect with their followers. By collaborating with a well-known influencer in your industry or niche, you can make use of the following:

  • Tap into their existing audience – influencers are well known to have such a massive following. By tapping into that, you will no longer have to make a huge effort to maximize your audience since there’s already one in reserve and a whole lot more to come.
  • They will create content for you – influencers are also known as content creating machines, and this is easy to see when many of them generate content three times a day across multiple platforms while applying strategies that are designed for the content to reach a wider audience.

Hold an event

Whether it’s a product launch, an anniversary celebration, announcement of a new management or brand ambassador—holding an event in line with your products or services can catch the attention of prospective customers or clients, especially if you also tap into your biggest local and national influencers. Doing so can expand your reach and can break the wall between you and your customers by interacting with them on a personal level.

Partner up with other businesses

“There is power in numbers” as they say, and true enough, partnering up with other businesses can combine both of your customers and widen your audience while creating a healthy business relationship with another brand. Here are some ideas on how you can partner up with other businesses:

  • Sponsor events in line with both of your brands
  • Create workshops that can utilize both of your businesses’ products and services
  • Cater to music, food, and art festivals
  • Release a limited edition product or service

It should be noted that partnering with other businesses is not some form of competition. Instead, it is an opportunity for two unique brands to merge together for a mutual goal.

Formulating a strategy for effective brand advertising will involve different aspects of your business that will hopefully lead to better brand awareness and conversion rates. All you need is just creativity and a better understanding of your own target market. However, taking advantage of an Australian printing company that specializes in banners can also boost your brand advertising efforts.

Stan is a marketing manager at Selby’s, an Australian printing company that specializes in flags, banners, exhibition stands and signs. Their clients include McDonald, Lexus, City of Sydney and more. His passion is to help businesses and organizations understand how offline marketing displays can boost their brand awareness and sales.

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