Things you can do with a skid steer loader

Things you can do with a skid steer loader
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Negosentro.comThings you can do with a skid steer loader | The earliest machines related to what we call skid-steer loaders today date back to the early ’60s. Today, these units are essential equipment in construction, agriculture, and of course mining. Did you know their uses also extend to further sectors like clearing snow and lifting personnel for aerial work? That’s right. The uses of a bobcat skid steer door hinge with the right loader attachments are versatile. In this post, we’ll explore the things you can do with a skid steer loader, and see if you’ve been using these units maximally. 

Expand and fix roads

A shoulder master paver is one of the attachments that you can install on your skid steer loader. So when you have one, there’s no need to get a bigger machine. Just hook your shoulder master paver up to your unit and you’re good to go. You can use it to lay down new layers of asphalt and aggregates, to repair or widen roads. You can even use it to trench backfillings. Contractors can even use it to pump up to 5km of verge works every day.

Get rid of concrete

Skid steer loaders are powerful machines, and with the right attachment can remove heavy concrete slabs. For such heavy work, you’ll need a fork-grapple attachment that can grab large bits of concrete easily. There are plenty of alternatives for this line of work, but The Beak is highly recommended. If you’d like a different fork-grapple, you should find one that has a powerful hydraulic jaw and high-leverage. Ones that come in the crowbar style, are highly recommended. High-quality grapple jaws can grip, and lift concrete of over 2000 kg. Workers in demolition and tree work will find this particular use of skid steer loaders useful.

Mix cement

Construction projects can get expensive. Renting big cement mixers are some of the expenses you’re bound to run into, right? Actually no, not if you have cement mixing attachment for your skid steer. This style of attachment usually comes in a bucket shape with an unloading pipe. There’s also another bowl attached to the end of the auger drive. Workers use the auger drive to drill holes and then pour the cement out with the mixer. If you’re not working on a multi-storey project, using your skid steer as a cement mixer really pays. It’s great for small projects like fence-laying, especially when working on a jagged landscape.

Aerial work

Need a lift? Attach an aerial work platform to your skid steer loader. AWPs get their power from the auxiliary hydraulic system of your unit, and that’s how you get the extra boost. You can get models that allow you to reach heights from 6m up to 8.5 m. So it really depends on how high you’re trying to get. Certain models even tilt sideways up to four degrees in case you need to enter at a particular angle. Plus the build of your skid steer allows you to operate over uneven terrain.

Intense grading

Who needs a higher industrial grader when you’ve got a blade attachment? Grading land might be intense work, but your steer skid loader is more than capable of doing a good job. Don’t forget that most skid steers come with Trimble 3D machine control, making the grading process easier for the operator. You can get blades in different size range, from as small as 2m to as large as 2.7m. The blades also move in multiple directions. They can accommodate up to six- or eight-way movements, which is practical with your 3D machine control. You can still install the Trimble control system for higher accuracy if you’re working with more complex designs.

Clean up 

Your skid steer loader is also useful in cleaning up your surroundings. You could use it to collect waste. With a skip bin bucket attachment, you can detach when you need a bin, and attach when you want to dispose of the trash. A sturdy bin bucket can have a large capacity of about one cubic meter, and you have several available options for mounting.

But what if you’re trying to clean a hole? Skid steer also has hole cleaning attachments. Like with the cement mixer, you attach it to the auger drive and use it to clear debris from the bottom of the hole.

Clear snow

Attachments for clearing snow are versatile. Snowblades, snow pushers, and snow blowers are examples of attachments you can install. It all depends on how thick the snow you’re trying to clear is. Most people will find the snowblades more effective. They come in varying angles of up to 30 degrees, and lengths as long as 2.7m. Their high visibility masts also make it easier to see the corners. There are several types of electric snow blowers in the market, and you can follow at to get more information.


As you can see, skid steer loaders are extremely versatile equipment, and useful to have around. Their uses aren’t just limited to heavy-duty industries like construction. Everyone can benefit from having one. So go ahead and start using yours to its maximal potential. 

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