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Negosentro.comBuy downloads iOS that application will rank up for | Developers concerned about the promotion of their product should pay attention to the idea to buy downloads ios. In this way, you can increase both the position of your app in the index and the organic traffic flow. For your promotion to be effective, you have to pick up the appropriate keywords and create campaigns for them. It’s up for you to decide whether you want bots or real people to perform installs of your app. Our recommendation is to order installs by real users if the scale of your promotion is pretty small like 10-20 installs per 20 days. In turn, if the number of required downloads is much higher, bots will be more effective. 

Initially, decide on whether you need a screening or want to start directly with the campaign. Screening or test campaign will help you to check the relevance and the effectiveness of the keywords which you buy downloads ios for. Launch a campaign for a couple of days with 10-15 keywords for a particular region. It’s advisable to select keywords with a score of about 4. As soon as the results become visible in the Console after 2-3 days of promotion, you can analyze the data and answer the following questions. Does your position grow? Are there any positive changes with other keywords? Is it proficient for you to make a promotion using these keywords?

Let’s have a look at your next step on the way to the high position. Start the campaign with the most relevant keywords (score 5-6) for up to 14 days. Take into account that you have to increase the number of installs by 10 per every 2 days after the first week. But take it slow: if you order an excessive number of installs, you may be banned. Buy downloads ios and promote your app wisely! is a self-service platfrom for application promotion with keywords installs and search optimization.

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