The Tech You Need to Improve Data Management

IP Whitelist: What It Is and How to Use It in Your Business Data Management
Image source: | The Tech You Need to Improve Data Management | The modern commercial landscape is characterized by its dependence on advanced technology, and nowhere is this more clearly seen than in the world of big data. Businesses these days can take advantage of a wealth of information that can guide their strategies for better results and greater profits.

In fact, businesses that do not adequately take advantage of big data will be left in the dust, and that means your company needs to integrate data into its business model or, if it already has, optimize its data infrastructure. Here’s what you need to know.


The importance of data in the world of business today presents a major hurdle in the form of cyberattacks. Various kinds of data are sought after by hackers, because it can be valuable on the black market or for identity theft, if not both. This makes businesses juicy targets, so you need to take the proper steps to avoid being a sitting duck. Because of the prevalence of e-commerce, protecting your company’s website is a crucial first step. Your website will need SSL encryption and decryption certification to keep your customers safe, because this essential and foundational cybersecurity feature is notably absent from the HTTP framework upon which the internet rests.

Likewise, the use of APIs to develop e-commerce apps leaves those apps vulnerable to any of the weaknesses present in APIs themselves, potentially leading to “zero day exploits” and generally allowing hackers to obtain APIs and scout for weaknesses that they can use to obtain illicit data. API security is an important part of the e-commerce ecosystem in general, and carefully considering your choice of API is crucial for avoiding the problems that may be lurking within a given interface.


Another important consideration for big data is the organization of your company’s data. Mismanaged data can complicate the analysis of that data, skewing the results and misguiding your company’s business practices. There are a few ways that you can avoid these mistakes, and automation can address the problem in multiple ways at once. Using IoT (internet of things) technology, you can create a smart office for your company, and one of the greatest strengths of a smart office is its ability to not only organize data automatically, but also to automate the processes of data collection, organization, and processing. The secret to this kind of automation is the use of several pieces of IoT hardware and software, some of which employ state-of-the-art AI, to handle each step of the process on your behalf.

Cloud Computing

Cloud technology is crucial in the realm of big data, and there are two major reasons for this. First and foremost, cloud storage helps businesses accommodate for a greater amount of data, which is important as data collection methods become more effective and efficient. It’s also worth mentioning that the remote nature of cloud storage, not to mention cloud computing, provides an additional layer of data security for your network. However, cloud storage is only a small part of the suite of advantages that cloud computing can provide.

A business’s private cloud can help you in numerous ways. For starters, it provides a much more effective style of networking that can enable even remote workers to remain part of the network due its ability to function without hardware connections. Furthermore, cloud computing allows for more dynamic computation, and this allows businesses to scale their software up as their company expands. However, the greatest selling point of cloud computing from the big data perspective is that it allows a business’s network to cooperate on demanding tasks like data processing to reduce the turnaround time on this important part of the data pipeline.

Technology excels at providing society and businesses alike with clever solutions to age old problems. Today’s greatest problem is a great one to have: there’s too much data that can be good for business under the right circumstances. These tips will help you cultivate the environment in which your company will benefit most from big data.

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