The Secrets of Divorce: What Your Divorce Attorney May Not Tell You

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Image: | The Secrets of Divorce: What Your Divorce Attorney May Not Tell You | A divorce attorney is not your friend or your mother to share secrets or some sensitive information with you. Don’t expect extra concerns or tips, not included in his/her duties. This is just a professional to provide you with appropriate services so you can get divorced. Like any other businessman, he will never tell you all the truth and disclose the secrets of his business. Although your attorney is interested to settle all the things and deal with your case with good outcomes, he will not miss a chance to earn more and save his time and efforts as well. 

If you don’t want to waste your money and time, you’d better do a little research on divorce underwater stones in advance and put some effort into the procedure yourself.

Track Finances

There are a lot of chances to save money, but you will never be told this because your attorney is a live person who is earning money from your payments. So, he/she is not discussed in bargains at all.

  • Prepare for increasing fees – low retainer fee is usually just a customer trap. It doesn’t cover all expenses, especially if your divorce case is complicated and takes a lot of time and effort. So, your happiness will end fast after you will start to receive invoices with rounded numbers for all-is-counted services. 
  • Organize the process – this will decrease your expenses on a divorce attorney. You usually pay lawyers for hours of cooperation. To get your sessions and meetings more productive, you should take an active role in your divorce process. Prepare all possible divorce forms and documents beforehand, get a separate folder for divorce process papers, write down all questions you want to discuss, and note all the important details. 
  • Discuss fees – you are usually expected to pay the fees, you were announced about previously. Yet, in most cases, the attorney is interested to cooperate with you as much as you do. So, you have a right to discuss the fees, to lower them and to pay in parts, all details can be discussed and changed to please your inquiries until they are reasonable.
  • Aim to an uncontested divorce – you should hold in mind that you will have to deal with mutual issues with your ex-partners. Having common friends, children, living in the same town or neighborhood, you will meet each other. So, you are interested to settle your arguments and come to a mutual decision. And if you can do this, why don’t you use easy divorce online and file for an uncontested divorce. This way you will save your time, money and health.

Anyway, you should track your expenses on divorce issues, yet, sometimes you have to pay more and get better services to guarantee yourself outcomes, which will greatly influence your future.

Require Best Services

When you ask for a divorce attorney’s assistance, you shouldn’t forget that you are a customer and you have a right to require qualitative services you have paid for. Never let yourself be neglected or moved away due to the lack of priority. You are interested in a good divorce procedure, so, do your best to get it. 

  • Lack of availability – sometimes your attorney will pretend to be absent at his office or will not pick up due to personal reasons or business with another case. Take it or fight against the system to be heard, yet ruining personal relationships with the attorney is not the best option at all.
  • Choose thoroughly – you don’t have to cooperate with the first divorce attorney you meet. You can have meetings with several ones to compare the price, services, personality, and any other details. Although it is going to be extra expenses, you will be sure, that you have picked out the best lawyer to lead you to success. Besides, you can change attorney anytime you wish, yet you will have to pay for all the work that was done, and you’d better not do it soon before the court, since it may add extra problems before the new lawyer keeps up with the case.
  • An attorney may prolong the case – you’d better keep an eye on your divorce procedure and go deep into every stage since there are a lot of divorce attorneys, who will deliberately prolong the case to earn more money. More to this, the divorce attorney can move to the court date, due to his issues or business in some other case.

In general, if you take an active part in your divorce procedure and hold everything, including your attorney’s activity, under personal control, you will never be cheated and will get the best professional services.

Mind Personal Issues

Although you are not going to become friends with your divorce attorney, his/her personality traits and habits matter and may have a great impact on your case. 

  • No emotions are better – you are not looking for a person full of range who will fight for justice and your good name. The best option is a well-balanced, calm and reasonable attorney, who will easily find the best way out with no extra fuss.
  • Attorney community – this truth cannot be changed. it is just for you to know. Most divorce attorneys communicate with each other and eagerly discuss their customers. So, don’t expect your divorce attorney to be the enemy of your spouse’s lawyer. It is even better if they cooperate and find the best decision for both partners. 
  • Mediation can be enough – the thing that any divorce will never tell you is that you may not need him/her. Sometimes, if the case is not that complicated, a mediator can help to settle all the things and lead you to an uncontested divorce. Then a good online divorce platform, such as OnlineDivorcer, will help you out with all divorce issues and save your time and money. 

Overall, search for the best options, be active, but not too picky, otherwise, you may lose everything.

Put in Efforts

There is no need to investigate all hidden intentions of your divorce attorney to get a positive outcome of the divorce. Start with doing personal research, use divorce document preparation services, search for a reliable attorney, put a big effort to succeed with the divorce and get a happy life after.

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