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The Longevity of Truck Tires: How Long Do They Last?

The Longevity of Truck Tires

Negosentro.com | The Longevity of Truck Tires: How Long Do They Last? | Tires are one of the crucial parts of a truck, and having a solid set of tires affects the on-road performance of your vehicle. But, people often wonder how long should tires last on a truck. Well, to be clear, the lifespan of a truck tire depends on the road conditions it is exposed to and for how long it has been.

A tire does not come with an expiry date and you have to take the best care of it to ensure its long life. In case your tire reaches its saturation point, you can get help from a mobile tire repair in Gainesville to ensure that your truck has a smooth time running on the road. 

The Built of a Truck Tire

The built of a tire is a major deciding factor on how long do tires last. In any truck tire, there are seven major components, which are:

  1. The inner liner
  2. Carcass
  3. Bead
  4. Sidewall
  5. Belts
  6. Undertread
  7. Tread

So, it is essential to ensure that the tire you are using for your truck is appropriately built with high-quality products. If you are unsure about the determining factors of a truck tire, a mechanic providing services for mobile tire repair in Gainesville can provide you some valuable insight.

What Factors Add to Wearing of Tires?

There are some factors that make a tire degrade at an accelerated rate, such as:

  • The driving style of a truck driver
  • The type of load a truck carries
  • The characteristics of a tire
  • The inflation levels of the tire
  • How frequently it is maintained by the truck owner

Types Of Truck Tires

    • General Truck Tires: These tires are usually used for carrying shipments around the city and they are more prone to situations like breaking and getting on rough roads, with a shelf life of around 40,000-70,000 km.


  • Long Haul Truck Tires: These are best for driving on plain motorways and roads and have an excellent shelf life of a maximum of 150,000 km. However, like every other tire, these are prone to wear, tears, and temperature conditions.
  • Off-Road Truck Tires: These trucks usually ride on uneven road conditions and often load more load than usual. On average, they have a maximum shelf life of 80,000 Km.