5 Reasons to Hire Only Licensed Electricians in Newtown

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Negosentro.com | 5 Reasons to Hire Only Licensed Electricians in Newtown | Newtown is a suburb located in Sydney’s inner west region, four kilometres to the southwest of the Sydney central business district. The suburb’s commercial hub is in King Street, a road that runs along an elevated strip of land from Sydney University in the north to the Princes Highway in the south. 

Over 15,000 people call Newtown home. Many of them live comfortably in Victorian-inspired dwellings and terrace houses. A big part of their comfort is having a reliable utility source, from plumbing to other electrical fittings. They also have access to an electrician Newtown has to offer. 

There are many reasons to trust licensed electricians in Newtown, and some of them are discussed below. 

Compliance to Stringent Electrical Safety Regulations 

In New South Wales and other Australian states, for that matter, electricians need a licence before they can do any electrical repair and maintenance work. This is true for the project at home or at a commercial establishment. 

There are strict regulations at the local, state, and federal levels that govern all work related to electrical systems. This includes repair, maintenance, or operation. Failure to obey any of these specs may have profound implications, including steep fines. 

Electricity is Too Hazardous for DIY

Electricity is a necessity for a comfortable life and is also a thriving business. Still, it poses a very high risk if not handled properly. Electricity might cause serious injury or property damage in just a second. It might turn lethal in many cases. 

A trained electrician at Newtown can offer to manage the hazards that come with all types of electrical work. From years of classroom education to an apprenticeship to industry experience, licensed electricians in Newtown can safely work near electrical sources. 

Aside from the training, professional electricians also have the proper equipment that can help in the proper and safe execution of electrical tasks. 

It Leads to Cost Savings

At first glance, a DIY repair may seem cheaper, which is one of its biggest draws. But in reality, nothing can be farther away from the truth. A botched DIY attempt at electrical repairs may end up costing much more, mostly if not done correctly the first time around. 

Electrical problems are complex by nature. It would take years of training and experience for a professional to get it right. Absent the skill and proper equipment; there is no way that electrical repairs can be done safely.  

While it is true that detailed instructional videos can be easily found on the internet, having access to these resources is nowhere near enough. You could end up making costly or even fatal mistakes that can never be taken back. The best idea will be to find an experienced electrician Newtown has to offer. 

Protect Your Assets

Houses do not come cheap, even in Newtown. You must protect these types of assets from guaranteeing your financial stability. One way to protect the value of your property is by having it maintained exclusively by licensed professionals, including electricians. This assures potential buyers that all interventions done on the property is up to standard. Having a record of all electrical repairs or maintenance tasks is a good strategy if you plan to sell your house.

Peace of Mind

Beyond the assurance that a professional electrician can get the job done, hiring one protects you in case of untoward incidents. Licensed electricians in Newtown are insured and certified, which means that you are not liable for anything that may happen while the electrical work is being done.  

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