The Importance of Corporate Video Production to Your Company

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Negosentro |  The Importance of Corporate Video Production to Your Company | It is estimated that by the year 2020, 80% of the content on the internet shall be video. According to research, videos have been found to be 25 times more engaging and receive 120% more shares compared to the conventional image/text updates. With that in mind, it would be a good idea to think about the importance of corporate video to your company. Choosing a video production firm is crucial and like the video production service in Los Angeles, several video services offer commercial, corporate or documentary videos at different prices. In an era where communication is changing faster and faster, it is worth appreciating the manner in which this audiovisual resource would aid in improving the relationship in the corporate world.

From a point of view of external relationships (working with consumers, partners, and suppliers) and internal (working with employees and partners), working with videos is feasible since it’s a modern tool which can harmonize any type of relationship and bring some closeness between the entities involved in a particular business. So, check out the importance of corporate video for your company to see whether it is worth investing in.

1. Corporate Video can Engage Your Brand

Precisely because it provides a closer and more harmonizing relationship with your audience, corporate video is an effective way to create engagement. This could be the difference when it comes to a business, which in many instances presents a distant and cold image of people.

And when it comes to employees, this humanization is crucial since it could build a relationship depending on the focus and motivation towards business success. Therefore, the trend is that the company’s performance will be boosted tremendously. Similarly, customers and suppliers will have a trustworthy relationship with the company, a crucial aspect of any partnership.

You should always value this in all your endeavors. By creating corporate videos, you can count on features like humor which can bring information to a large audience. And if you need to explain more formal material, you could go for the more dynamic content, like news stories. A London based video Production Company focus a lot of their efforts on providing engaging and fun videos for their clients.

2. Generates Authority for the Brand

When there is need for inbound Marketing, one of the main aims is to generate brand authority with relevant and original content. As such, it is possible to utilize videos to acquire recognition on a specific subject where your company’s brand operates, through materials like tips, analysis, and tutorials that align with your brand. Ultimately, you will gain great respect from people in relation to your current work. This will be vital, both to make more sales and to retain public loyalty. You will also get an upper hand in negotiations with prospective partners.

3. Recruitment

When a company is on the verge of expanding, the Human Resources Department could consider implementing a recruitment drive. And while many companies do not take recruitment seriously, the truth is that it is important to understand the company’s needs so that you can get the best personnel on board. The company’s video production team could work towards understanding the company’s needs and eventually create a corporate video to aid with recruitment. Whether it is a mini-documentary meant to appeal to specialized experts or an upbeat message targeting fresh graduates who are ambitious of success, the importance of corporate video in recruitment should not be underestimated.

4. Improves Search Engine Results

By linking the content of your corporate video to your business website, you are bound to achieve a greater reach for your brand. This is due to the fact that major search engines like Google often have videos displayed on the top positions of their searches. With a massive audience, YouTube seems to be the differential in this specific logic. TO do this, you need to offer quality video content. Google, the largest search engine, provides a great reach for your brand if you are able to get it to the top of their search, and this can be achieved through quality corporate video.

5. Training or Conference Meetings

While many people view recruiting video production services and corporate video as a marketing tool, the truth is that it could also be used for training as well as in conference meetings. Corporate instructional videos could range from videos highlighting safety procedures to sales strategies for the marketing executives. The importance of corporate video is witnessed in training since these videos are a cost-effective yet effective way to educate large groups of people, especially employees. A training video that is memorable and engaging is an efficient learning resource any company can invest in, particularly when it is coupled with interactivity like question time.

6. Corporate Culture

In some highly-competitive niches, retaining the right personnel is just as essential as recruiting new personnel. Regular in-house corporate videos which give comprehensive and affirming reports on a company’s promotional opportunities and activities build great team spirit and a sense of togetherness for the current employees. For this audience and purpose, an entertaining corporate video Production which used the right humor could work wonders, depending on the specific industry.

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