Essential Tips for Improving Your Web Design

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Source: | Did you know a website visitor spends 10 seconds deciding if they want to be on your website or not? Well, believe it or not, but it is true. Moreover, 75% of your online visitors will judge the credibility of your website based on your design.

Certainly, web site designing is very important for every business. It is an individual identity of a business. When a visitor lands on a website, within 5-6 seconds he/she knows what your company does and what it offers. Remember, a website design plays an important role in making or breaking an online business. So, it is important to design a website carefully, relying on the ever-changing the trends of web design. Now if you think that your website is outdated or it needs improvement, don’t delay! Take action now!

In this post, we are going to read about the essential tips for improving your web design. Let’s get started…

Importance of having a well-designed website

A website is the digital face of your business. It is the first impression of every small to big business. There are several factors that make a great impression of a business website and one of the most important factors are – Website design, content and functionality. A well-designed website is a combination of design and functionality. It goes hand-in-hand. If you want your website to be visually appealing, you should improve its design. Here are the few tips that certainly will help.

Work on the navigation and make it user-friendly

Let’s be honest, no one likes to get problems while navigating the website. It should be as smooth as the water flow. If you want your visitors a reason to stay, work on navigation and make it easy for them to move around. In your labels, try to be descriptive as this will allow users to stay more than 5 seconds on your website.

Make your website responsive

The Internet is full of information and website like Negosentro gives you so many latest information to stay updated. There you can find lots of information and benefits of making your website responsive. So if you want your users to get access wherever and whenever they want, make your website responsive. Over a couple of years, the use of mobile phones has multiplied to the large extent. So, if your current website is not mobile-friendly, make it! Believe it or not, but a responsive website can create huge wonders for your website, especially when it comes to SEO and also help you rank higher in the Search Engine Results Pages.

Be Clear with your Call-to-Action

Do you know the importance of the CTA button on your web page? If not, then let me tell you that studies have shown that CTA button boosts conversion rates by 32.5%. If you want your Call-to-action to be a game changer, ensure to use actionable words like to learn more, start, discover etc. Rather than hiding it somewhere, make sure it is easy to discover and click. Use a different color for it so users can easily see it and click.

Bid Adieu to Navigation Bars

For the last 10 years, sidebars have been considered as the popular web design trend. But, many companies look at the other side of it. According to most one of them, when they remove sidebars, especially from their blogs, readers concentrate more on the article along with the Call-to-action. When you remove a sidebar, the number of clicks on the blog page of the website drastically increase by over 35%.

Get inspiration from nature colors

Colors play an important role in designing your website. If you are struggling to have a perfect color combination or tired seeing an outdated color combination, try nature colors. Get inspiration from your surroundings. Use your own camera to picture the natural beauties. Remember, the color palette of nature never fails.

Review your website design more often

The trends of web design keep on changing. So, it is always wise to review your site every six months and see what is happening in the designing world and what people are looking for. Try to stay updated. However, this doesn’t mean you need to re-design the entire site but make some minor tweaks. It will definitely help!

Remove the Social Media Icons

You have tried your best to get people on your site and then you are asking them to leave after placing social media icons. If you want people to stay on your website, bury those social media icons in the footer than in the header. If people are coming to your website, make sure they stay. Don’t send them back to the social media networks.

Use Videos

Certainly, graphics and content are the best ways to tell your visitors what you do and how good are your products and services. But sometimes, these are not enough to capture the audience attention. You need to add some extra element to do so and that could be a video. With the surge of online video, there is a small doubt that websites will increase their use of video technology as an important part of website design.

Is your website consistent?

If not, work on it. Here consistency means making everything easy to use. Whether it is design, spacing, illustration styles, photo choices, coloring, or illustration styles, make sure everything is consistent. If you really want to give your user a beautiful experience as they navigate the site, make sure everything is consistent. If a design changes from one page to another, users will feel confused and lost.

Create a Catchy Logo

A right chosen logo is the key to success. So having a catchy one for your website is a must! Try to make it relevant to your website so the users can easily associate it with your name.

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