The Future of Mobile Application Development in 2021

Mobile Application Development | The Future of Mobile Application Development in 2021 | Ever since the advent of the technological age, gadgets and technological innovation have become pivotal in shaping industry trends, consumer behaviour, and even lifestyles. As our gadgets keep shrinking, and our phones are becoming smarter, it becomes increasingly important to leverage them to further your business goals. This is why the need for mobile application development is increasing. 

The world is still reeling from and adjusting to the changes brought about by the pandemic in 2020. This has encouraged more businesses to reduce human contact through the means of these applications. Android applications have benefited businesses immensely in the past few years and will continue to do so in the coming years.

What Are the Benefits of Mobile Application Development for Businesses?

One of the most essential benefits is having a unique platform to interact with your customers is that it helps you stand out from the competition and helps you generate brand loyalty. 

Providing a separate platform also helps you build brand awareness and recognition. A mobile application provides a means to define your brand, through design and branding. 

Since an application eliminates the need for a storefront, it actually helps businesses increase their profit margins. 

Another major benefit is that using mobile applications will make it easier to keep records and track the progress you are making. 

What are the Predicted Changes in This Field?Mobile Application Development1

The Role of Voice Search in Mobile Application Development

It is no secret that voice-controlled personal assistants have been gaining popularity. Siri and Alexa have brought about a significant shift in the industry and almost 66 million Americans own some smart speaker. In the past years, 30% of all online searches are voice searches.

 Not only this, voice searches give results about 38% faster than the traditional method, and hence it provides enhanced user experience both in terms of convenience and time efficiency. 

This shift in trends directly affects the android development companies. Voice searches are bound to make their way into mobile applications. This trend is already on the rise. Hence it is very important for your mobile application development company to integrate voice searches into its product. 

The Role of AI in Shaping Future of Mobile Application Development

Push Notifications

A key feature that helps programmers stand out and personalize their user experience. With this feature, the developers are able to capture the attention of the audience. 

With the help of the right code and the use of artificial intelligence, push notifications can act as a great marketing tool, creating an automated yet customized experience for individuals. 

One of the biggest benefits of using this feature is that it helps reengage and retain customers increasing brand value and encouraging brand loyalty. 

No wonder various renowned companies such as Myntra, Pinterest, Instagram have started relying on this feature to enhance the overall user experience. 

As a mobile application development company, it is essential for your business to understand the value this feature adds to the overall user experience and will definitely add to your client’s satisfaction. 


Chatbots are online automated chat conversation tools using voice commands or text chats. Chatbots are emerging as one of the most popular forms of customer support systems that run on artificial intelligence. These chatbots are able to provide efficient service, quick replies and help your online business revert to queries and feedback at the earliest. 

This is very beneficial to any mobile application as it means there is round the clock service which enhances the user experience. 

It very effectively helps reduce cost as it eliminates the need for dedicated customer service executives. As industries embrace technological advancements, chatbots are predicted to make big waves in the coming years. 

Message Prediction

There are businesses that do not want to rely on chatbots or need to address their queries manually such as marketing companies that pursue leads online. In these instances, a message prediction feature is a valuable tool that can help their executives save time. 

These message prediction feature, which has been implemented by big names such as Instagram and Gmail, has made online conversations quicker and less draining from a business’ perspective. 

This is a feature that is bound to gain exponential popularity in the near future and IT companies that develop applications should look out for this feature. 

The Future of UI/UX Design Mobile Application Development 2

Dark Theme

The growing popularity of the dark theme on popular social media sites and search engines have prompted many mobile application development companies to consider this feature. Dark themes are thought to help users interact with the application in low light and they tend to cause less strain on the eyes. This is an added design advantage and UI/UX designers should focus on delivering this feature when developing mobile applications. 

Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality

As movement and interactions were restricted in 2020, it become increasingly important for retailers to increase their user experience along with establishing trust. With the rise in online shopping, virtual and augmented reality have become a great way to improve your UI/UX designs. 

Many home decors and furnishing companies such as Ikea are using augmented reality. They allow customers to click a picture of their space and suggest the right products that fit into the space dimension and design wise. 

Similarly shopping sites such as Sephora and Lens kart allow their customers to try on their products virtually using these technologies.


Traditionally whitespaces have been seen as a design flaw. Whether its logos or application designs, minimal designs are on the rise. They make your application look sophisticated and chic. They look less cluttered and add value to the design. 

Hence whitespace is a growing trend as far as UI/UX designs are concerned and hence mobile development companies should leverage this trend to their advantage. 

Take Away

The demand for these features is predicted to increase in the coming years and hence if you aim to be the best mobile application development company, you should ensure that you pursue these domains aggressively.