The First Escape Room Comes to Northwest Indiana!


Negosentro | The First Escape Room Comes to Northwest Indiana! | If you decide to play this fun and challenging game from the real world, You have a straightforward objective: escape in just 60 minutes! Participants must collaborate to discover clues, solve cryptic puzzles, and learn how to run before the time is up. It’s an exciting real-life adventure for those looking to experience something completely extraordinary! You can visit this site to learn more about the other escape rooms within the US.

We are incredibly proud to be the first Escape Room to open in Northwest Island. Region of NWI. We began with a desire to give people an unforgettable experience. We’ve spent a lot of time learning how to create incredible games and provide great experiences. More than 50,000 players have played the games we offer and have had a blast! Review our games. We make great games, and we never stop! If you’re looking for a fantastic escape room experience, Escape rooms in Northwest Indiana.

The Vault Escape Room

Your group is into the foyer of Safe Holdings Bank, but you and your companions are being held inside the bank’s vault! It’s up to you to free them, and they’ll assist also. They’ve got lots to tackle, and both groups must collaborate in different strategies to release the hostages. Once you have freed the hostages (usually halfway through), the whole group will collaborate to complete the task, and it’s thrilling! The escape room can be played with as few as four players. However, the ideal number of people in a group is 6 and 10.


For kids between 10 and fourteen years of age! Fun for families with adults and kids!

Parents take a break as your child embarks on an adventure based on pirates, figuring out puzzles and clues that hopefully bring them closer to their goal of finding the treasures of Redbeard! Children will be working quickly and fast to locate three prizes from the Cedar Lake Sea in time, All while utilizing cooperation and teamwork skills! 60 minutes of fun within the Ball family’s lake home. The last Ball family member set up an original task in the hopes of finding a suitable inheritor of the Ball family fortune. It’s not straightforward, but only the most suitable family members will inherit the future. Could you be one of them?

Under The Stars

It is a very immersive escape room! You’ve gone out with your friends for a hike and are now trapped inside Whispering Woods. It is your responsibility to work in a group and use the sky to guide you to safety before sunsets up! This room is a blend of technology as well as locks! This room can accommodate between 2 and 6 people. Under the Stars is not an incredibly scary escape room!

Our group had a wonderful time at the Escape Room. We were the very first any of us to participate in the Escape Room. However, the moderator/guide did a fantastic job of explaining to us how the game works. We got through it and had fun solving all the puzzles that were in the mysteries. The cost of $25 per person is more than what I usually spend on entertainment. But, it’s in line with other escape rooms around the region and not too expensive considering the time required for creating the room(s). It certainly was worthwhile because of the experience we enjoyed.


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