Best Ways to Find Twisted Metal 2 Cheats

Best Ways to Find Twisted Metal 2 Cheats Video Games

Best Ways to Find Twisted Metal 2 Cheats | If armored vehicles and 3D shooting is your cup of tea, you are probably aware of Twisted Metal 2. Or, you could even be looking for Twisted Metal 2 cheats to improve your winning chances. 

With impressive slaying fields and new worlds to explore, TM2 offers much more than the original. This top-of-the-class PlayStation product with impeccable combat gameplay mechanics is a hot favorite for critics, too.

What Are Game Cheat Codes?

As an avid gamer, you may already know the answer. Cheat codes in video games are Easter eggs hidden in the design that reveal themselves as you progress. You can leverage these cheat codes to clear levels, defeat enemies, and gain more power or lives. 

These are nothing but a combination of keys, push-buttons, or passwords that you use in specific situations. Cheat codes trigger an event that is critical to increasing your chances of beating your opponents. Or you can add more weapons or replenish ammunition. 

Are Game Cheats Legal?

It is not wrong to use game cheats as they are incorporated by the developers. However, some online communities may have their set of rules. Unwarranted use of game cheats could get you banned on certain platforms. 

Even if that’s not the case, players have to fulfill specific conditions before using them. Also, you shouldn’t stop the game to use cheats.

Typically, players can come upon them by accident as they keep getting better at a game. Sometimes, you can just be fiddling with the controls or changing the settings and discover cheats to your delight. Several websites also offer cheat codes for aspiring gamers to hone their skills. 

Twisted Metal 2 Useful Cheat Codes 

Your choice of cheats depends on whether you are in a single-player game or a tournament. Furthermore, various levels require different input of different cheats or passwords. 

Here are some popular cheat codes in Twisted Metal 2.

Unlockable Characters

On the vehicle selection screen, there are some unlockable characters. But you can make them playable using these commands:

  1. Unlock Minion: L1, Up, Down, Left
  2. Unlock Sweet Tooth: Up, L1, Triangle, Right

Energy Attacks

Use push-button commands during gameplay to recharge the meter above the weapon bay, such as:

  • Napalm: Right, Left, Up
  • Rear Napalm: Right, Left, Up, Left, Right, Down (but first ensure that the weapons inventory is empty)
  • Energy Shield: Up, Up, Right
  • Invisibility Cloak: Right, Down, Left, Up
  • Drop Mine: Right, Left, Down
  • Sell Your Soul: Down, Up, Right, Left, Up, Up, Down, Down (Get an extra life by trading the weapons inventory)

Blow Things Up

    1. Hollywood Sign: Shooting a few missiles at the sign will blow it up.


  • Eiffel Tower: Use a remote bomb over Paris’ Eiffel Tower and watch it explode over the rooftops or wait until someone triggers it and loses a half-life.



You can activate a cheat code from within the game itself or take outside help. Some third-party websites publish tried and tested cheats by experienced gamers. When you look for Twisted Metal 2 cheats, explore the game first and then look elsewhere for assistance. Also, search for “game cheats free” or “PlayStation cheats” for the best tips. | Best Ways to Find Twisted Metal 2 Cheats



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