The Ever-Increasing Need for an Updated Network Infrastructure

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Negosentro | The Ever-Increasing Need for an Updated Network Infrastructure | Network base contains different categories of information technology, which helps in the process of connection and communication between different networks. These bases include hardware and software which provide services and facilities. Different network bases include routers, switches, Ethernet, firewalls, proxies, etc. For a business, its network bases are very important as their relationship tells is the company is going to excel or not. Even maintaining anonymity is also important to safeguard from hackers and residential proxies are a perfect way to do this. These bases are needed to be upgraded according to the latest demand in order to beat the competitive forces in the industry. The companies need to call their IT provider to come and replace their infrastructure with new network base.

Slow network:

The contemporary markets require companies to come up with new technologies in order to cope with the demands of today’s generation. A lot of companies alongside Leading Residential Proxy Provider have the latest wireless technologies which make work easy at any place and any time alongside a very high speed. In this case, Cisco Catalyst Multi gigabit technology is the most useful as it gives a speed of 1 GB on existing Cat5e cables. This is also a very good way to save money.

Threats avoidance and productivity:

Threats that companies face today are more advanced and complex than they were a decade or two ago. Companies having old infrastructure are more vulnerable to these threats. A modern technology known as Cisco network has intelligent sensors and enforcers built inside firewalls, switches, and routers which give you a stronger hold on what’s going on in the company and you can have direct access to the company’s workforce everywhere, thus, minimizing the threats. Moreover, upgrading a company’s system to a modernized network can enhance and improve productivity in various ways. More productivity means having more control which comes through cloud-based business applications and mobile solutions; this subsequently overwhelms the older methods used by companies.

Time management:

Companies need to upgrade their network infrastructure because using older methods mean that an IT manager has to manually go and check every operation happening in a company. This is more time consuming and the manager would not be able to come up with new ideas and innovations to further enhance or upgrade the processes and operations since he would already be overworked. A company sustaining modern technologies could grow day by day in every department. This provides the IT manager with more flexibility in his or her department to come up with new innovations and could also prove to be very helpful in simplifying a company’s management and operations let alone their network deployments.

Competitive advantage:

One of the main reasons behind a company introducing new and modern technologies is that it would give them a competitive advantage over other companies. Most of the companies, nowadays, are hesitant towards introducing helpful applications because they are afraid that it would cause problems for their infrastructure and might even crash it. This under-confidence is due to the fact that they are still using the old infrastructure, which somehow also justifies their fear. So, to overcome these fears, the likes of online lottery in India must inculcate new ideas and introduce modern technologies which would ultimately give them an advantage over their competitors.

Different networks:

It is necessary for companies to use routers as it would help them connect the devices and ease the process of communication just like the internet. Bridges should also be used as it connects a single network to multiple ones. This would help an IT manager to connect with its employees and send them a message collectively in one go instead of going to everyone individually and conveying the message which is very hectic and timely. Managers can use wireless access points to connect wireless devices to a wired network and simply provide Wi-Fi services. A company who wants to transfer data to another company, which is quite a distance away, can use repeaters. This network receives a signal and retransmits it, thus, enabling the company to send data to a greater distance. For security purposes, firewalls, intrusion detection system, intrusion prevention systems and identity, and access management can be used. The firewall provides a set of rules which a company has to follow in order to avoid any network threats. Detection and prevention systems provide a platform to monitor the passage of network, hence, identifying any malicious activity and avoiding policy violations. Identity and access management allows only the authorized person to enter any department or open any important and confidential information.


Nowadays, with all the technological advancements, companies need to change their infrastructure along with their workforce if they want to survive and sustain in competition with other companies. They must come up with products that are acceptable in this ever-growing society. Also, advancements in technology mean more threats and viruses are required to be dealt with. In order to tackle a situation where such malicious software is involved, the network base needs to be upgraded to the new one so that the company can handle any misleading and unfortunate event with great ability.

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