The Benefits Of Using An Automotive BDC As A Dealership

Why Work with an Auto Broker automitive BDC | The Benefits Of Using An Automotive BDC As A Dealership | Many dealerships have been utilizing automotive Business Development Centers as part of their effort to keep up with the continued rise of the Internet and technology. The mission of an automotive BDC is to convert inbound sales opportunities such as online leads into sales. 

If you’re looking at establishing an automotive BDC as a separate department in your dealership, go for a third-party provider. Third-party automotive BDCs like Automotive BDC: Customer Tracc have the necessary team and tools in place to make the inbound and outbound telemarketing strategy of your business more productive.

The long-term value of an automotive BDC boils down to its contribution to a comprehensive customer experience strategy of your dealership. Excellent customer experience builds loyalty, increases the number of return clients, and decreases the cost of making a sale over time.

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of using an automotive BDC as a dealership? This post is for you.

Improves Customer Experience

As already mentioned, an automotive BDC can help provide an excellent customer experience. Keep in mind that a declining customer experience disconnects the customer and the sales team. By hiring a third-party automotive BDC, you get to avoid the elements that drive customer experience downhill. These elements include:

  • The customers feel like they’re communicating with someone who doesn’t have the answers to their questions because of weak response systems.
  • The sales team fails to provide the right information to the customers once they visit the dealership due to a lack of initial engagement with the customers, something that an automotive BDC can provide to ensure that leads are warm before they talk to the sales representative in person.

Streamlines The Process Of Closing A Deal Through Effective Lead Management

One thing that automotive BDCs are excellent at doing is nurturing the relationship with customers before they visit the dealership. BDCs gather information from customers, try to understand their situation, and follow them up, and relay all essential details to the sales team. It makes the process of closing the deal a little quicker and more comfortable for the salespeople in your dealership since each department already has an idea what to expect, and more importantly, your customers know what to expect, too. It helps your dealership facilitate a seamless experience for clients, increasing customer loyalty.

Lets Your Sales Staff Focus On Selling

If you feel that your sales team is missing out on sales opportunities because they’re doing things other than selling, then maybe it’s the right time to use an automotive BDC as a dealership. When you work with a third-party automotive BDC, you can give more time to your salespeople to focus on selling vehicles.

An automotive BDC gives you access to consumers that best fit the criteria of your dealership. As soon as a prospect gets matched to your dealership, BDCs reach out to them and gather accurate information that they can pass along to your sales team.

Some of the information that you can expect from an automotive BDC include the personal data of the customers. BDCs ensure that every single information is accurate for validity and security purposes. An automotive BDC also verifies the source of income of your prospects, making sure that it comes from a legitimate and taxable source. Lastly, BDCs check if the customers have secondary jobs or expect an additional income each month on top of their primary gross monthly income.

All of this information gives your sales team a clear picture of the customer coming into your sales funnel. Once the automotive BDC passes along the verified information successfully, it’s time for your salespeople to let prospects know what they can expect from your store during their scheduled visit.

Saves You Time And Money

A dedicated automotive BDC saves you time and money. With representatives verifying the information of your prospects, weeding out leads that are invalid, scheduling customer visits to your dealership, and handling client concerns, you allow your sales team to focus on what they do best – selling vehicles to showroom traffic. 

An automotive BDC can contact the customers promptly, ensuring that you’re getting fresh leads that are serious buyers. BDCs work on your behalf so that you and your salespeople can sell the units you need to reach your revenue target each month.


Outsourcing your telemarketing department to a third-party automotive BDC is an excellent way to get more time to focus on selling vehicles. These professionals can bring a lot of benefits to your business even if they’re not in your store physically.

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