Palmer Administration Continues To Set New Standards In Auto Protection

Fuel Costs Auto Protection MOT tests Auto-Hatchback-Automobiles | Palmer Administration Continues To Set New Standards In Auto Protection | When it comes to auto protection industry, there is no lack of players competing for supremacy, so it takes a lot of good work to stay ahead of the competition and this is what Palmer Administrative Services has been doing for quite some time now to retain their status as one of the industry leaders.

Excellent customer service, flexible plans, easy financing, simple claims processing, a number of additional benefits and bonuses—these are just a few of the things that separate Palmer Administration, a BBB accredited business with 30+ years of experience in the auto protection field, from their competition. 

Extended Auto Warranties

Extended Auto Warranties, variously known as ‘auto service contracts’, provide coverage for different components of your vehicle once the automaker’s warranty goes void. You can either purchase an extended auto program at the dealership where you are buying the car or better even, you may purchase it at a later date once you have researched your options well. As long as your original automaker’s warranty is still active, you need not pay any extra sum for buying an extended warranty later. 

Now, when it comes to Palmer Administration, the company offers you a wide range of protection plans designed to meet the requirements and budget of all vehicle owners. The six different plans the company is offering right now are Elite Exclusionary, Royal Select, Premier, Classic, Powertrain and the Basic Plan. The first of these plans is the most expensive of the lot but it also covers pretty much all components and parts of your vehicle which means your car is comprehensively covered against all types of breakdowns, damages, and repairs. The Basic plan, on the other hand, will provide coverage for the engine of your vehicle. All the other plans provide selective coverage for different components of your vehicle. For detailed information on these plans, please visit this page at 

Now, from the outset, some of these plans may look similar to what many other auto insurance services are providing. So, how do you make up your mind as to which company to settle for? Well, this is where a bit of research will go to help you a long way. 

Palmer Administration boasts of an excellent track record and you can verify it by looking up the reviews that they have received at BBB and at other relevant sites and forums. 

At this point, we would also like to stress the amazing range of benefits that the service provides with their plans. 

No cost payment plan: The Company offers flexible payment options for all their plans. So, if you’re somewhat short on cash right now, never worry. The sales representatives will help you work out some payment option that is convenient for you.

Transferable coverage: If you ever decide to sell your car, you’ll be able to sell your current policy to the buyer.

There is also no restriction on the number of claims you can make during the length of your coverage. 

Another telling benefit is that the plans allow you to get your car repaired at any accredited car repair facility in the US and Canada. However, if you are traveling a long distance, it is advisable that you let the company reps know prior to your departure. This way you can eliminate the possibility of any future disagreements.

Then, there are Roadside Assistance services that include tire change, fuel delivery, towing and more. There is also the Locksmith Assistance that will come handy if you ever lose or break your keys or accidentally keep them behind in your car. 

There are also other benefits including Car Rental and Trip-Interruption Services. 

The claims processing is easy as well. Once you bring your car to a repair shop, give a call to the customer service and if the damaged part is undercover, the repair facility will be paid directly by the company (minus the deductibles). 

With all these benefits in place, it is hardly any surprise that Palmer Administration continues to retain its status as the go-to service in the auto protection field.

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