The 5 Best Aweber Alternatives for Email Marketing

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Email marketing is still one of the most powerful methods an ecommerce store can utilize to increase web visitors and drive new sales.

But which tool to use? There are a number of doors you can open to search out the right option for you. New players are entering the stage, along with some old favorites.

Aweber has served ecommerce merchants for a while now, but is it starting to show its age? Let’s take a look at the best Aweber alternatives currently available today.

#1 A Powerful All-Rounder | Omnisend

Do you need a solid all-round tool, with some of the most advanced features available on the market? Omnisend has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. It was born specifically to serve as an email marketing tool for ecommerce stores.

biggest_saleOmnisend makes life very easy indeed; a simple drag and drop email builder will have you up and running with stunning email templates before you know it.

There is a big focus on omnichannel, as the name suggests. Omnisend has the ability to automate the whole workflow, directing your messaging across various targeted and specific channels.

You can build an entire email list from the ground up – dynamic popups and landing pages are easy to deploy.

Do you currently send SMS texts and Facebook messages? Deploy Google ads? You can, with Omnisend’s straightforward and effective process, and give yourself the very best chance possible of reaching your target customer. Omnisend lays out all the tools you need to take easy and effective action.

We all like something for free, right? Omnisend offers a plan that is completely free of charge. You get a very healthy 2,000 emails per day or 15,000 emails per month to utilize. 

Omnisend is a very powerful all-rounder that would be an ideal choice for those looking to make a serious, yet affordable and easy to use upgrade to their email marketing platform.

#2 A Good Visual Composer | SendinBlue

If you like all things visual, SendinBlue could be for you. An Aweber alternative with a very nice email campaign builder. It can’t compete with the campaign builder offered by Omnisend, instead, it’s all about being easy on the eye.

smsSendinBlue also has an SMS tool to build text messaging into your email campaign. This is notable as not all the alternatives on our list have this functionality.

SendinBlue gives you suggestions on different workflows, great to get your creative juices flowing. It does fall short when compared head to head with some of our other alternatives, but it’s a stand-up option if you just need to get started and like to work visually.

#3 CRM Focussed | ActiveCampaign

If you want a more CRM focused tool, ActiveCampaign could be a good option.

crmActiveCampaign places emphasis on organizing all your contacts first, and then creating your email campaigns from there.

Be mindful, that whilst the ActiveCampaign email marketing is a nice tool, to fully learn how to properly use it can be fairly complicated.

Advanced users are required here, especially if you are to use ActiveCampaign to its full potential.

If you want ease of functionality and a simple dashboard, ActiveCampaign probably isn’t the one for you.

#4 Good For Beginners | Drip

Drip is aimed at those of us who like a clean and simple workflow to build email campaigns. They propose a number of workflows that are pre-automated so you can get started straight off the bat.

dripVisually, everything looks great, but it should be said that the email building functionality would do well to have a bit of a refresh, particularly when placed side by side with some other options on our list.

Drip doesn’t really give you great flexibility when it comes to fully customizing your emails; at times this can be somewhat limiting for your email campaign.

For those of you just dipping your toes into the world of email campaigns, Drip might be a good alternative to Aweber.

#5 Just The Basics | SmartrMail

If you are after a basic email automation tool, SmartrMail should find its way onto your list of contenders.

Drag and drop is the way you will build your email campaigns here. Note, it doesn’t really have the functionality to plug into your ecommerce store, so you will need to manually add each of your items in your emails.

If you are not specifically hunting out an omnichannel marketing tool, and you are more of a novice marketer, SmartrMail would be a suitable option.

The important thing to remember here, is that each ecommerce store will have its own unique requirements.

You need to ensure the option you choose offers the functionality and usability that best matches up to everything that you need.

Take the right choice, that ticks all your required boxes, and your ecommerce store will hugely benefit from deploying a pumped-up email marketing system.