How Technology Can Improve Your Business Security

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Security is a major issue for almost every business; after all, there’s a reason why many businesses use locks and other physical safeguards in order to keep their premises safe. However, not everything that you may need to protect will be physical things.

With the rise of technology, there’s also been a rise in the amount of cyber crimes such as data breaches and more. Having said that, while technology has helped people perform these kinds of crimes, it’s also seen a rise of more types of protection against them.

This is just as important for small businesses as it is with larger ones; in fact, just over 70% of all cyber attacks in the past few years has been directed at small businesses. Because of that, every business will need to invest in cyber security. Having said that, it doesn’t have to be a major financial investment from your businesses end as many cyber security technologies are quickly becoming more and more affordable.

There are a vast number of ways that technology can improve your business security, as well as a number of different technologies that can protect your business. While they all offer many of the same kinds of protection, there can be a number of differences; this is also true when it comes to technology.


Many businesses have to deal with a lot of data, from the likes of employee information to credit card information. This can be extremely sensitive information that nobody would want to fall into the wrong hands. Because of that, businesses will need to put an awful lot of effort into protecting this kind of information.

After all, much of this information can lead to identity fraud and give many employees or customers an awful time should it fall into the wrong hands. Such a breach would mean an awful lot of headaches for both you and your entire business.

Having said that, high-quality encryption will ensure that it’s a lot harder for unauthorized people to actually access this information. When encrypted, this information will need a certain key or password in order to access. It also means that it will take a whole lot more effort to get to should a person not have the decryption key.

Think of it like a high quality lock in a door; if someone doesn’t have the key to the lock, then it’ll be a lot more difficult to actually get through the door. This kind of encryption doesn’t take up much time or effort, but provides one of the best defenses against cyber crime.

This doesn’t have to just affect any data you may be storing; in fact, there’s a whole host of technology that will be able encrypt your communication and almost any other type of device.

Cloud Computing

This is something that’s been gaining more and more traction over the past few years. After all, physical computers don’t last forever so you’ll need a back-up for all of your businesses data. Cloud computing can also protect your data against a vast number of things.

For example, if your computer is somehow damaged beyond repair – from the likes of water damage etc – then you’ll be able to retrieve that data again. You could also choose to not store any data on a physical computer, and instead just access it on the cloud.

If your business goes that route, then you’ll be protecting your businesses data from a whole host of crimes, both from cyber criminals and more conventional ones who may want to steal your actual computer. Combined with encryption, and any quality cloud computing provider will be able to keep your business data extremely secure.

Better Physical Security

While encryption and cloud computing help protect any data you might have, they don’t do much when it comes to your physical premises or good. Until recently, that was all done by the likes of security guards and cameras. Often times, standard security measures such as schlage locks or the most primitive, in eyes sight alarm system or camera will deter an intruder more effectively than systems more subtle and out of sight.

However, recent breakthroughs in some areas of technological security have made more traditional security methods a whole lot more secure. For example, some new technology can interface with all of your security systems in order to provide a more comprehensive overview of your premises.

The likes of your alarms, cameras and any other form of protection your business may have can all be brought together using certain apps on your phone or computer. Because of that, you’ll be able to more closely monitor your businesses security than you would have before.

Where previously security personnel could only utilize closed circuit cameras in order to monitor the building, by using these kinds of software you’ll be able to unifying your security systems. Because of that, many up to date security systems will be better integrated to provide a more secure way of monitoring your premises and products.