The 4 Things Required For The Right Muay Thai Training Business

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Starting the right Muay Thai business for you is more about your personal goals than it is about the business itself. Begin by first establishing a clear picture of what you intend to achieve. Do you want a small business that will help lose weight, get fit, or refine your students’ technique with one-to-one training? Do you want to help your students fight professionally or just learn the basic self-defense and a few new skills?

Here are some tips to help you start the right Muay Thai business for you, as we focus on whether your business is targeted at beginners seeking to get fit, or seasoned fighters who want to make good use of their training time.​

1) The Right Training Equipment.​

Every good Muay Thai gym in Thailand have balls and bags for kick and punch training. An essential part of a Muay Thai gym are hanging bags, with the long bag –an effective all-round training tool used for low kicks and all the other types of strikes. Kick shields and pads should also be available. Good quality bags and pads will properly absorb the force of kicks and punches, for safer and more comfortable strike practice. You need to have all of these in your gym.​

2) The Right Equipment for Cardio Conditioning and Strength Training.  ​

Effective strength training is essential for things like fighting power and flexibility, so first look for items like free weights – barbells and dumbbells with slip-on weights which will accommodate all strength levels. A chin-up bar is also really useful as it will help condition the back muscles and biceps for stronger grappling and clinch.​

On site cardio is not very important: however, you need some facilities to be available for warm-up before training. Exercise bikes and treadmills are always useful but your students will also get equal benefit from skipping rope for about 10 minutes, going for a short, high-intensity run or doing push-ups. Your gym should have plenty of available space on the floor for on-the-spot warm-ups.​

3) A Boxing Ring​

Your Muay Thai gym should have a boxing ring. It is an important part of efficient training – pad work and sparring on the floor will only help to an extent. A ring, even a smaller ring, is imperative for learning how to move and dominate within the fighting space.​

4) Staff Expertise and Availability​

Take some time to research the background of whoever you employ to run your Muay Thai business – are they professional fighters with competition experience and at least a decade of training, or just an enthusiastic amateur hoping to earn a living? Also make sure your Muay Thai gym or camp such as suwitmuaythaigym.comwill be open when your clients can train – whether in the mornings, evenings or during weekend.​

When running your Muay Thai business, pay attention to your clients, talk to one or two. Find out if they are casual visitors, or longer-term clients who are desirous about training hard and very often? The attitudes of the staff you employ will usually be reflected in the patronage of your clients regardless of whether or not you engage in marketing to advertise your business to the public.​